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Olga Lengyel
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of Olga's friends was also chosen for selection at the same time?
(a) Magda.
(b) Lilli.
(c) Irka.
(d) Eva.

2. How did the children in the camp speak about the goings-on of the camp?
(a) They did not speak about it.
(b) Tearfully and sometimes hysterically.
(c) Quietly and anxiously.
(d) Calmly and realistically.

3. Why did Olga and her family join her husband when he was deported?
(a) The S.S. forced them from their homes and sent them away. too.
(b) She believed everything would be all right as long as they stayed together.
(c) She did not want him to suffer the terrors of the camps alone.
(d) She believed the family would be better off than they were in Cluj.

4. Why did Olga go into the washrooms at lunch?
(a) She followed along with a friend.
(b) She felt dirty and wanted to try to clean herself.
(c) She had heard that the men sometimes shared their food with women in there.
(d) She wanted to find a place to be alone.

5. What reply did most prisoners in the concentration camp give to explain their imprisonment?
(a) They were Polish.
(b) They fought in the resistance.
(c) They were Jewish.
(d) They did not know why they were there.

Short Answer Questions

1. What was the original purpose of the building that became Olga's new home?

2. What happened the day after Olga met her husband in the camp?

3. What advice did the handsome German prisoner have for Olga when she was looking for her son?

4. Why did Olga renounce her privilege to write postcards to loved ones outside of the camp?

5. How many languages did the Auschwitz-Birkenau commandant's interpreter speak?

Short Essay Questions

1. From the author's point of view, how did nationality affect the treatment that inmates received in the camp?

2. How did Olga become a "rich woman" in the camp?

3. Describe the hierarchy of the prisoners in the camp.

4. How did the conditions in the "koias" affect the prisoners?

5. What details about their arrival offered the passengers hope that their conditions would be better at the camp?

6. How did Olga's life in the infirmary compare to the life she was previously leading in the camp?

7. How did the German soldiers react to the passengers on the train cars?

8. Why did the German guards intentionally assign prisoners to work for which they were unsuited?

9. What struck Olga about the treatment of the young girls in the camp?

10. What went on in the washroom during the rest hour?

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