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Olga Lengyel
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapters X through XVI.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After they disembarked from the train, who was immediately sent to the left?
(a) Women.
(b) Men.
(c) Healthy, able-bodied people.
(d) Children and old people.

2. What was wrong with the young Greek girl who was brought into the infirmary from a neighboring barrack?
(a) She had dysentery.
(b) She was mentally ill.
(c) She was anemic.
(d) She had pneumonia.

3. One day in June of 1944, where did Irma Griese send the 315 women who were "selected"?
(a) Directly to the crematory.
(b) Into a washroom, where they were locked in.
(c) Out of the camp on a work detail.
(d) Into the woods to be shot.

4. What would happen to the prisoners if they tried to sneak to the latrines at night?
(a) They would not be allowed back into the barracks.
(b) They would be attacked by fellow prisoners.
(c) They would be beaten by the blocova.
(d) They would be shot by the S.S.

5. What regulation governed the tattooing of prisoners?
(a) There were no fixed regulations.
(b) The tattoo numbers determined the order in which prisoners were executed.
(c) Only prisoners who received special treatment were tattooed.
(d) All prisoners were tattooed, regardless of their status.

Short Answer Questions

1. How long had the blue-eyed man been in prison camps?

2. What happened to the Veterinarian the night that her lover was taken to the gas chamber?

3. How long had the Polish woman, Irka, been in the camp?

4. According to Olga, what did the word "organize" come to mean among the prisoners?

5. What was the irony in Dr. Lengyel's success in saving Olly's life?

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