Objects & Places from Five Chimneys: The Story of Auschwitz

Olga Lengyel
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Cluj - This city of 100,000 people was the capital of Transylvania and the home of Olga's family, prior to their imprisonment.

Doctor Lengyel's Sanatorium - This was the name of the hospital owned and operated by Olga and Miklos Lengyel.

Berlin - Miklos Lengyel studied medicine here.

The University of Cluj - Olga Lengyel studied medicine here.

Birkenau - The objective at this concentration camp was simply to exterminate all who arrived.

Auschwitz - Olga spent much of her time at this concentration camp, noting that this camp was horrible, but was immeasurably better than the extermination camp.

Barrack 26 - Olga was housed at this horse barn upon her arrival at the concentration camp.

Canada - This was a building set aside for the reclamation of valuables from those who arrived in the concentration camps.

The Czech Camp - The inhabitants of this camp seemed to enjoy...

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