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Olga Lengyel
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This city of 100,000 people was the capital of Transylvania and the home of Olga's family, prior to their imprisonment.

Doctor Lengyel's Sanatorium

This was the name of the hospital owned and operated by Olga and Miklos Lengyel.


Miklos Lengyel studied medicine here.

The University of Cluj

Olga Lengyel studied medicine here.


The objective at this concentration camp was simply to exterminate all who arrived.


Olga spent much of her time at this concentration camp, noting that this camp was horrible, but was immeasurably better than the extermination camp.

Barrack 26

Olga was housed at this horse barn upon her arrival at the concentration camp.


This was a building set aside for the reclamation of valuables from those who arrived in the concentration camps.

The Czech Camp

The inhabitants of this camp seemed to enjoy many freedoms that the other inmates were not given, but...

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