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Short Answer Questions

1. What position does Marius agree to support Saturninus for?

2. When Marius returns to Rome, what doe she immediately want to focus on?

3. Which of the following characters beats a senator to death for ripping off his toga?

4. What happens to the elder Gais Caesar in chapter six?

5. Why does the Senate want to make Marius Ponitfex Maximus?

Short Essay Questions

1. How does Caepio feel about the orders he was given to give up command of his army and what does he do in return?

2. What is Marius's argument to get more men to serve in the Roman legions?

3. How do Caepio's end up finding men to fill their legions?

4. What path does Marius decide to take and why does he decide to take this path?

5. What happens to the gold that Caepio has sent on its way to a city near Rome and how does he react?

6. What new bill does Saturninus introduce and what are the repercussions of this introduction?

7. How does Caepio's methods for creating an army differ from Marius's?

8. What steps does Marius take which he hopes will help his case and how does the election turn out?

9. What does Marius's wish about the march reveal about his origins?

10. How does Sulla tell Volux he can prove his trustworthiness and what happens?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Which character demonstrates the greatest amount of Roman noble characteristics? Why do you think this way? Which one demonstrates the least amount of these characteristics? Why do you think this way?

Essay Topic 2

At several points in the novel, Marius side steps the Senate. Do you think he was justified in this action? Why or why not? Could someone take these same steps today? Why or why not?

Essay Topic 3

Describe the difference in character between Sulla and Marius. Which of the two demonstrates better character? Why do you feel this way?

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