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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Marius want to happen?
(a) He wants to be respected.
(b) He wants to marry a rich woman.
(c) He wants to become consul.
(d) He wants to hold a new election.

2. Why is Gaius Julius Caesar concerned about his daughter giving birth?
(a) He is afraid the child does not belong to her husband.
(b) He believes there is a plot against her.
(c) He believes her noble blood will cause complications.
(d) He suspects that Marius is treating her unfairly.

3. What ambition has Sulla lost?
(a) The ambition to help the poorer members of his family.
(b) The ambition to be a distinguished member of Roman society.
(c) The ambition to apologize for his ways.
(d) The desire to become a consul.

4. What does Nicopolis find on her picnic with Sulla?
(a) Gold.
(b) Salad greens.
(c) A fountain.
(d) Mushrooms.

5. Why were Cassius's troops defeated?
(a) He had not trained them properly.
(b) He took them too far into German territory.
(c) He moved too fast.
(d) He did not have enough troops.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Julilia starving herself?

2. Who threatens the city of Rome while many of the warriors are headed to Africa?

3. How much time has passed from the end of chapter one to the beginning of chapter two?

4. What happens at the party between Sulla and Hercules?

5. What status might have affected Marius's ability to be elected consul?

Short Essay Questions

1. What complications happened to Julia during the birth and how did the situation end?

2. What bill did Marius introduce that the other Senators were not happy he introduced?

3. Why did Marius have such a good turn out at the meeting of the Senators he called?

4. What happened when Cassius took troops to attack the Germans?

5. Why was Silanus intentionally left behind while the others left for the mission in Africa?

6. Why is Jugurtha currently in Rome?

7. What attitude has Julilla adopted about Marius?

8. What does Caesar confide to Marius privately about Sulla and how does Marius react?

9. What does Marius ask of Sulla when the meet for the first time?

10. What do Marius and Rufus do because of their frustrations with Metellus's mishandling of the war in Africa?

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