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Patrician - This is the Roman aristocracy made up of the original families of Rome.

Plebian - All non-Patricians were considered this.

Senate - This is the ruling body of the Roman republic, once only composed of Patricians, some non-Patricians eventually gained membership.

Toga - This is the formal clothing of Roman citizens.

Rome - This area is both a city and a republic.

Numidia - This is a kingdom in Northern Africa made up of parts of what was once the Punic or Carthaginian Empire.

Imperium - This is the power granted to certain senatorial officials of a certain level.

Fasces - This is a bundle of sticks tied together by a red ribbon that symbolized Roman authority.

Auspices - These are several varieties of telling the future.

Subura - This is the poor section of Rome.

Consul - This is the highest political rank in...

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