The First Man in Rome Character Descriptions

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Gaius Marius

This is the son of a rural farmer in Arpinum, outside of Rome, who has become a notable Roman senator through hard work and military prowess.

Lucius Cornelius Sulla

This is the poor son of a drunkard who lives with his stepmother and his mistress, both of whom are his lovers.

Gaius Julius Caesar (the elder)

This is the descendant of great and noble ancestors, although his family currently has no money.

Julia Caesar

This is the first-born daughter who is well-educated, serious, and good-looking, although not beautiful.

Julilla Caesar

This character is more girlish and less educated than her sister, although she is also more beautiful.


This is the stepmother and lover originally from Urbia, who now lives in Rome and is said to have a considerable fortune saved up.


This is the Greek mistress who was once married to a military man...

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