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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of Zinaida's suitors disappears?
(a) M. Petrovich.
(b) Vladimir.
(c) Dr. Looshin.
(d) Byelovzorov.

2. In what style will Maidanov rewrite Zinaida's poem?
(a) Byronic style.
(b) Limerick.
(c) Haiku.
(d) Sonnet.

3. At the end of Chapter 16, what does Vladimir wonder about?
(a) Who the man in Zinaida's story is.
(b) What the weather will be like tomorrow.
(c) When he will see Zinaida next.
(d) Who will win the battle for Zinaida's heart.

4. Where does Vladimir find his father after he sees Zinaida on the horse?
(a) At the beach.
(b) In the garden.
(c) In the stable.
(d) At dinner with his mother.

5. Why does Zinaida chide Vladimir in Chapter 10?
(a) He glares at her.
(b) He looks sad.
(c) He makes silly jokes.
(d) He spills his tea.

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Zinaida admit to loving Vladimir?

2. In Chapter 11, why did guests gather at the Zasyekins' lodge?

3. While spying, what does Vladimir climb up on in the garden?

4. Which suitor begins to wait on Princess Zasyekin?

5. What does Zinaida want everyone to share in Chapter 16?

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