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1. In the prologue, what does the host want to guests to discuss? Describe Nicolayevich's story.

The host wants the guests to discuss their first loves. Nicolayevich says his first love was actually his second. He fell in love with his wife who was a product of an arranged marriage.

2. What happens when Vladimir is asked to tell his story? Why?

Vladimir begs his host to let him write down his story and read it to them the next day. He claims his story is too unique.

3. Describe Vladimir's character as described in Chapter 1.

Vladimir is 16 at the start of the book. He lives in Moscow and is preparing to attend school.

4. Describe Vladimir's parents as described in Chapter 1.

Vladimir's parents are not very fond of each other or their son. They both ignore their child. Vladimir's father is ten years younger then his wife.

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