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Objective: Section 1: Prologue and Chapter 1 This book is written by Ivan Turgenev, a Russian aristocrat turned writer. Today's objective will study the biographical information of Turgenev.

1) Class Discussion: This book is written by a Russian writer named Turgenev. Do you know anything about the author? What from the title do you gather about Turgenev? Is he a romantic writer? Is he a religious man? How might a Russian writer differ from an American writer?

2) Group Research project: Research, via the internet or at the library, the history and biography of Turgenev. Turgenev wrote both politically and for novels. One of his political works contributed to the end of serfdom. Research information should include his early childhood, his written works, his relationship with Tolstoy and his death. Ask the students to present information to the class.

3) Individual Creative Writing: Write two pages on what events in Turgenev's life...

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