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Section 1: Prologue and Chapter 1

• Prologue

• Sergey Nicolayevich and Vladimir Petrovich remain at a party with their host.

• The hosts asks his guests to tell about their first loves.

• Sergey Nicolayevich says his first love was his wife.

• Vladimir asks to write down his story and read it the next evening.

• Chapter 1

• Vladimir is sixteen years old during the summer of 1833.

• His family rents a summer home near Neskootchny.

• Vladimir's parents treat him with indifference.

• He sees a beautiful woman at the house next door at the end of Chapter 1.

Section 2: Chapter 2 and Chapter 3

• Chapter 2

• Vladimir encounters a beautiful girl in the garden surrounded by men.

• The men see Vladimir staring at the lady and tease him.

• Vladimir runs away and hides in his room.

• Chapter 3

• Vladimir's mother receives a letter from Princess Zasyekin.

• Princess Zasyekin begs permission to call upon Mme. Petrovich.

• Mme. Petrovich sends Vladimir to extend...

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