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Lisa Belkin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How long was Patrick's central IV line supposed to last?
(a) For just a short time.
(b) Indefinitely.
(c) For the rest of his life.
(d) For as long as he needed it.

2. What status is the committee considering giving to Patrick?
(a) Priority status on the list of potential organ recipients.
(b) A recipient of pro bono charity care.
(c) High-priority care status.
(d) DNR, or "Do Not Resuscitate."

3. Which baby is born first?
(a) It is not specified.
(b) They are born at the same time, via Caesarian section.
(c) Taylor.
(d) Jake.

4. Who is the chairman of the Institutional Ethics Committee?
(a) Shannon Crandell.
(b) Sally Olsen.
(c) Lin Weeks.
(d) Richard Weir.

5. How many members are on the ethics committee at Hermann?
(a) Seventeen.
(b) Five.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Twenty-three.

6. How does Javier feel about Patrick?
(a) He thinks he is too demanding, and at times paranoid about his condition.
(b) He is more attached to him than the other hospital staff.
(c) He is not sure if he thinks Patrick is spoiled, or simply attention-starved.
(d) He is attached to Patrick, and this burdens him because he is also responsible for all of the other children at the hospital.

7. Who is Virginia Lennox?
(a) One of the nurses in the NICU.
(b) Taylor's doctor.
(c) Taylor's aunt.
(d) Taylor's social worker.

8. What is causing Patrick excess suffering?
(a) His family's interference.
(b) His antibiotics.
(c) His doctors' indecisiveness.
(d) His nurses' incompetence.

9. What happens to Patrick's line, as a result of his tampering?
(a) It gets increasingly infected, and needs to be replaced.
(b) It breaks, and he goes into cardiac arrest.
(c) Nothing, but the hospital staff are angry with him.
(d) It is disconnected, and they try to find another way to deliver his medications.

10. How do the members of the ethics committee feel about one another?
(a) They are suspicious of, and spread rumors about, one another.
(b) They are rarely together, and aren't comfortable with one another.
(c) There are several members of the committee who refuse to work with some of the others.
(d) They all know each other quite well, and are comfortable with speaking honestly and openly to each other.

11. What is the main focus of the Ethics Committee?
(a) Finding ways to help patients' families.
(b) Handling malpractice complaints.
(c) Ensuring the ethical practices of doctors.
(d) The withdrawal of life support.

12. Who is Richard Weir?
(a) Patrick's lawyer.
(b) Patrick's social worker.
(c) Patrick's doctor.
(d) Patrick's play therapist.

13. What decision is made, in Chapter 7, regarding Patrick?
(a) He will be transferred to another hospital.
(b) He will be taken off of life support.
(c) He is placed on a DNR.
(d) He will not have the surgery.

14. Who raises the question of whether to withdraw Patrick's IV line?
(a) Sharon.
(b) Lin.
(c) Javier.
(d) Sally.

15. What do the doctors think Armando's chances of recovery are?
(a) Very high.
(b) Zero.
(c) Very low.
(d) Fairly high.

Short Answer Questions

1. How many people are at the meeting in Chapter 3?

2. What disease does Patrick have?

3. What ethical issue does the Committee debate focus on?

4. What is Patrick's central IV line for?

5. What does the hospital do for Fran?

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