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Lisa Belkin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What decision is made, in Chapter 7, regarding Patrick?
(a) He is placed on a DNR.
(b) He will be taken off of life support.
(c) He will be transferred to another hospital.
(d) He will not have the surgery.

2. What happened to Armando as a result of this misfortune?
(a) He had both legs amputated.
(b) He eventually died.
(c) He was paralyzed from the chin down.
(d) His left side was paralyzed.

3. What does Teresa want to do?
(a) Donate money to the pediatric wing of the hospital.
(b) Establish new guidelines for withdrawing life support from patients.
(c) Cut funding for uninsured or underinsured patient care.
(d) Participate in the ethics committee at Hermann.

4. What does Sally claim to be able to do?
(a) Establish relationships that get patients to confide in her.
(b) Diagnose patients just by looking at them.
(c) Anticipate the deaths of her patients.
(d) Speak to the ghosts of her deceased patients.

5. How is Taylor's appearance described?
(a) She looks healthy, despite all of the equipment surrounding her.
(b) She looks like a normal baby.
(c) She looks stronger every day.
(d) She is tiny, and covered with tubes and electrodes.

6. How long was Patrick's central IV line supposed to last?
(a) Indefinitely.
(b) For just a short time.
(c) For the rest of his life.
(d) For as long as he needed it.

7. How often do patients' families follow the advice of the ethics committee?
(a) Rarely.
(b) Always.
(c) Usually.
(d) Never.

8. Who are Fran and Carey Poarch?
(a) A couple, pregnant with fraternal twins.
(b) Patrick's parents.
(c) Doctors at the hospital.
(d) A rich couple, and benefactors of the hospital.

9. How does Javier feel about Patrick?
(a) He thinks he is too demanding, and at times paranoid about his condition.
(b) He is attached to Patrick, and this burdens him because he is also responsible for all of the other children at the hospital.
(c) He is more attached to him than the other hospital staff.
(d) He is not sure if he thinks Patrick is spoiled, or simply attention-starved.

10. What are Patrick's doctors supposed to do, given his status?
(a) They can do whatever they think is right, given the situation.
(b) They are required to do all they can to save his life.
(c) They are allowed to continue treatment under certain circumstances.
(d) They are required to stop treatment if he goes into cardiac arrest.

11. Why doesn't Oria want the medical team to tell Patrick about how serious his condition is?
(a) She doesn't want him to give up.
(b) She wants to tell him herself.
(c) She wants him to be happy and not worry.
(d) She is afraid it will adversely affect his recovery.

12. What happened to Armando?
(a) He was driving a car, and hit a tree.
(b) He was walking, and was hit by a car.
(c) He fell off of a ladder.
(d) He was shot.

13. When Sharon is rotated out, who is Taylor's new doctor?
(a) Eugene Adcock.
(b) Virginia Lennox.
(c) Lin Weeks.
(d) Richard Wright.

14. What happens to Taylor near the end of Chapter 6?
(a) She develops a serious infection.
(b) She dies.
(c) She goes into cardiac arrest.
(d) Her kidneys fail.

15. Who is Richard Weir?
(a) Patrick's play therapist.
(b) Patrick's doctor.
(c) Patrick's social worker.
(d) Patrick's lawyer.

Short Answer Questions

1. What happened to Mark?

2. In what year did Teresa have her children?

3. What happens to Patrick's line, as a result of his tampering?

4. Why are the doctors reluctant to install a new line for Patrick?

5. What has gone wrong that might induce premature labor for Fran?

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