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Lisa Belkin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is Victoria Dimas?
(a) A cafeteria worker.
(b) The head nurse.
(c) Armando's mother.
(d) Armando's doctor.

2. Who is looking at the note at the beginning of Chapter 5?
(a) Sharon Crandell.
(b) Eugene Adcock.
(c) Javier and Sally.
(d) Lin Weeks and her secretary.

3. Why doesn't Oria want the medical team to tell Patrick about how serious his condition is?
(a) She wants to tell him herself.
(b) She doesn't want him to give up.
(c) She wants him to be happy and not worry.
(d) She is afraid it will adversely affect his recovery.

4. How does Armando's family feel about his condition?
(a) They are unaware of his condition.
(b) He is much worse than they had imagined.
(c) Due to a language barrier, they are unable to fully understand it.
(d) They are relieved that it isn't as bad as they feared.

5. What is the most important criterion of Patrick's status?
(a) He must be kept out of the treatment loop, so that he does not become upset.
(b) He must be allowed to participate in the discussion of his treatment options.
(c) He must be kept comfortable.
(d) He must be given the least expensive treatment option.

6. How long was Patrick's central IV line supposed to last?
(a) For just a short time.
(b) For as long as he needed it.
(c) For the rest of his life.
(d) Indefinitely.

7. What happens on the last day of May?
(a) Fran undergoes a Caesarian section.
(b) Taylor and Jake are born.
(c) One of the twins dies.
(d) Fran goes in for her last prenatal check-up.

8. What happens to Patrick's line, as a result of his tampering?
(a) Nothing, but the hospital staff are angry with him.
(b) It gets increasingly infected, and needs to be replaced.
(c) It is disconnected, and they try to find another way to deliver his medications.
(d) It breaks, and he goes into cardiac arrest.

9. What doctor do Fran and Carey meet when they get to the hospital?
(a) Jane Reed.
(b) Eugene Adcock.
(c) Lin Weeks.
(d) Sharon Crandell.

10. How often do patients' families follow the advice of the ethics committee?
(a) Never.
(b) Usually.
(c) Rarely.
(d) Always.

11. Where did Armando and his family come from?
(a) Madrid, Spain.
(b) Southern California.
(c) San Antonio, Texas.
(d) Matamotos, Mexico.

12. What are Patrick's doctors supposed to do, given his status?
(a) They can do whatever they think is right, given the situation.
(b) They are required to stop treatment if he goes into cardiac arrest.
(c) They are required to do all they can to save his life.
(d) They are allowed to continue treatment under certain circumstances.

13. How does Javier feel about Patrick?
(a) He is attached to Patrick, and this burdens him because he is also responsible for all of the other children at the hospital.
(b) He is more attached to him than the other hospital staff.
(c) He is not sure if he thinks Patrick is spoiled, or simply attention-starved.
(d) He thinks he is too demanding, and at times paranoid about his condition.

14. How does Patrick feel about the hospital staff?
(a) He likes some, but not others.
(b) He is emotionally dependent on them.
(c) He likes them all.
(d) He likes very few of them.

15. What do Fran and Carey want to do with Taylor at the end of Chapter 6?
(a) They want to bring her home and let her die in peace.
(b) They want to take her off the ventilator and see how she does.
(c) They want to move her to another hospital.
(d) They want to put her on a DNR.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Sharon Crandell act the way she does with her patients and their families?

2. What does Teresa want to do?

3. Which of the babies is in worse health?

4. How does Patrick feel about his condition?

5. What does Patrick's illness do to him?

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