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Lisa Belkin
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is Taylor's biggest health problem?
(a) Underdeveloped lungs.
(b) Leukemia.
(c) Diabetes.
(d) Cerebral palsy.

2. How much do Jake and Taylor weigh?
(a) Between three and four pounds.
(b) Between four and five pounds.
(c) Less than two pounds.
(d) Between two and three pounds.

3. How many children did Teresa have?
(a) None.
(b) Two.
(c) One.
(d) Three.

4. Why do Fran and Carey dislike Sharon Crandell?
(a) Because of her cold and businesslike demeanor.
(b) Because they don't think she has the required experience.
(c) Because they disagree with her diagnosis, and treatment suggestions.
(d) They think that she is too emotionally involved to make good decisions.

5. How many people are at the meeting in Chapter 3?
(a) Five.
(b) Seven.
(c) Twelve.
(d) Ten.

6. What happens to Patrick's line, as a result of his tampering?
(a) Nothing, but the hospital staff are angry with him.
(b) It is disconnected, and they try to find another way to deliver his medications.
(c) It gets increasingly infected, and needs to be replaced.
(d) It breaks, and he goes into cardiac arrest.

7. Why does Sharon Crandell act the way she does with her patients and their families?
(a) She gets emotionally involved to avoid seeing her patients in an impersonal and scientific way.
(b) She thinks she is treating her patients with respect by being so honest.
(c) She emphasizes the positive side of things, to encourage optimism in her patients.
(d) She became a doctor because enjoyed the science, not because she truly wanted to help people.

8. What happened to Mark?
(a) He was healthy.
(b) He was stillborn.
(c) He had cerebral palsy.
(d) He died after two days.

9. How does Armando's family feel about his condition?
(a) Due to a language barrier, they are unable to fully understand it.
(b) He is much worse than they had imagined.
(c) They are relieved that it isn't as bad as they feared.
(d) They are unaware of his condition.

10. How do Fran and Carey feel about Taylor's new doctor?
(a) They connect much better.
(b) They want Sharon back.
(c) They don't really care either way.
(d) They dislike him/her as much as they disliked Sharon.

11. In what year did Teresa have her children?
(a) 1977.
(b) 1981.
(c) 1985.
(d) 1989.

12. What ethical issue does the Committee debate focus on?
(a) How Patrick should be told that his mother has decided to withdraw his life support.
(b) Whether withdrawing Patrick's life support is "giving up," or letting nature take its course.
(c) Whether it is right to withdraw life support if Patrick's mother can't pay, considering the hospital's already massive debt.
(d) Whether Patrick should stay at the hospital, or go somewhere else.

13. What is Teresa's profession?
(a) Oncologist.
(b) Pediatrician.
(c) Engineer.
(d) Pilot.

14. Who are Fran and Carey Poarch?
(a) Patrick's parents.
(b) Doctors at the hospital.
(c) A rich couple, and benefactors of the hospital.
(d) A couple, pregnant with fraternal twins.

15. What started the fight between Armando and the man in Madisonville?
(a) The man made a pass at Armando's girlfriend.
(b) The man was drunk, and Armando gave him water instead of whiskey.
(c) Armando spilled his drink on the man's best jacket.
(d) Armando attempted to steal the man's wallet.

Short Answer Questions

1. When does the ethics committee usually meet?

2. What happened to Armando the night he left for Madisonville?

3. How many members are on the ethics committee at Hermann?

4. What is causing Patrick excess suffering?

5. How old is Patrick Dismuke?

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