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Lisa Belkin
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through September, Chapter 17: Patrick, Chapter 18: Armando, Chapter 19: The Committee.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is an enormous burden on the medical system?
(a) Elderly care.
(b) Women's health.
(c) The uninsured.
(d) Immigrants.

2. What do Lin, Randy and Cindy discuss at the beginning of Chapter 10?
(a) What to tell Armando's family.
(b) Where to send Armando.
(c) Whether to tell Armando about his condition.
(d) Whether to take Armando off of life support.

3. When does the ethics committee usually meet?
(a) When a patient's family asks them for help.
(b) When an end-of-life issue arises.
(c) At the beginning of each fiscal year.
(d) Once per week.

4. Hermann was caught up in scandals until when?
(a) The 1950s.
(b) The 1980s.
(c) The 1970s.
(d) The 1960s.

5. Who is Hermann's chief pediatric surgeon?
(a) Richard Andrussy.
(b) David MacDougall.
(c) Lin Weeks.
(d) Hazel Mitchell.

Short Answer Questions

1. How much time has Patrick spent in the hospital?

2. What system in Patrick's body is affected by his disease?

3. Who discusses Armando's condition with him?

4. Who is Armando's social worker?

5. Where did Armando and his family come from?

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