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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Patrick say he will do for twenty thousand dollars?
(a) Loan them the hotel.
(b) Phone the FBI when Mitch has left.
(c) Deliver the forged papers.
(d) Contact Tarrance.

2. What kind food has Nina left for Mitch?
(a) Chinese.
(b) Sushi.
(c) Burgers.
(d) Pizza.

3. What is Tammy prepared to use if Avery wakes up?
(a) Pepper spray.
(b) Mace.
(c) A gun.
(d) A knife.

4. Who does Mitch instruct Tammy to contact?
(a) Lomax.
(b) Tarrance.
(c) Jackson.
(d) Morolto.

5. Where does Tammy tell Avery she is from?
(a) Birmingham.
(b) Oxford.
(c) Berlin.
(d) Houston.

6. What do the firm claim Avery has suffered from?
(a) A stroke.
(b) Nervous exhaustion.
(c) A nervous breakdown.
(d) A heart attack.

7. What does Tarrance instruct Mitch to as soon as he leaves the office?
(a) Goto the airport.
(b) Go home.
(c) Pick up Abby.
(d) Return to FBI custody.

8. What does Mitch say is happening on 1st of May?
(a) Ray is leaving prison.
(b) Mitch is changing his identity.
(c) The mafia are planning to kill him.
(d) The FBI are taking the Firm to court.

9. What does Tammy put into Avery's drink?
(a) MDMA.
(b) Amphetamine.
(c) Chloral hydrate.
(d) LSD.

10. Who does Mitch steal ten million dollars from?
(a) The partners.
(b) The FBI.
(c) The Moroltos.
(d) Avery.

11. Where does Mitch borrow access numbers from?
(a) The janitor.
(b) His associates' files.
(c) The security guard.
(d) Avery's files.

12. What does Mitch ask Abanks if he has noticed around that morning?
(a) Police.
(b) Strangers.
(c) The FBI.
(d) Businessmen.

13. What Highway does Abby turn north on?
(a) Highway 52.
(b) Highway 13.
(c) Highway 66.
(d) Highway 17.

14. What is the code name Tarrance uses to warn Mitch?
(a) Priest Paul.
(b) Thomas Lowry.
(c) Judge Hugo.
(d) Judge One.

15. Why does Mitch stay so long at the office?
(a) He wants to avoid Abby.
(b) He is afraid to go home.
(c) He likes working.
(d) Abby has gone to her parents.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the firm claim Avery has suffered from?

2. What does Mitch ask Abanks if he has noticed around that morning?

3. What does Ross do once he receives payment from the mafia?

4. By what name do the mafia know Tarry Ross as?

5. Who does Mitch call from the mall?

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