The Firm Character Descriptions

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Mitch McDeere

He comes from a broken family. His father is deceased and he and his mother are estranged. His father left an insurance policy behind when he died, but Mitch's mother spent it and eventually remarried. He has never met his stepfather and is not interested in doing so.

Avery Tolar

He went to junior college, then a four year college via an academic scholarship, before attending Stanford University's law program. He had been with Bendini, Lambert and Locke for sixteen years at the time the company recruited Mitch.

Abby McDeere

She was raised in a small town in Kentucky by parents who remain happily married. When her husband enrolled in law school she supported him by working as a teacher in a grammar school near Boston College.

Wayne Tarrance

He was transferred into the Memphis area from New York approximately two years before Mitch's employment at...

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