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Sarah Waters
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What foreshadowing happens when Maud gives Sue one of her dresses?
(a) a maid mistakes Sue for Maud
(b) Maud kisses Sue passionately
(c) Sue acts insane and slaps the maid for insolence
(d) Sue thinks of Maud's insane mother

2. Why does Maud find it difficult to look at Sue?
(a) because Maud is in love with Sue
(b) because Sue is very homely
(c) because Maud is tricking Sue
(d) because Maud is afraid of revealing the truth to Sue

3. What does the two of hearts signify in fortune telling?
(a) a love relationship
(b) a happy fortune
(c) a future trip
(d) imminent death

4. To whom does Mr. Hawtrey compare Maud?
(a) Galatea, a nymph sculpted in marble
(b) Queen Elizabeth I
(c) Helen of Troy
(d) Clarissa

5. Who does Maud decide to turn to for help?
(a) Charles the knife boy
(b) the Queen
(c) Mr. Hawtrey
(d) Mr. Lilly

Short Answer Questions

1. Who visits Sue in the asylum?

2. Who cuts open Maud's bag to examine the contents?

3. When does Maud clearly remember the trip?

4. What are Sue's plans for Maud when Sue finds her?

5. How does Maud get Sue to make love to Maud?

Short Essay Questions

1. What changes Maud during the night after the outing and what does Maud do about it?

2. Describe Maud and Richard's wedding night.

3. What does Maud give to Sue and what does that foreshadow?

4. What is Mrs. Sucksby's reaction to Maud's return?

5. How does Richard get Agnes out of the house?

6. What story about Maud does Richard and Mrs. Sucksby reveal to Maud?

7. How does Sue begin her return to sanity and eventual escape?

8. Describe Maud and Sue's first interaction.

9. What happens when Richard, Maud and Sue are out on the grounds and Richard observes Maud watching Sue sleep?

10. What does Maud think about as she readies for her escape from Briar?

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