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Sarah Waters
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Maud find so humorous when she observes Richard and Sue together?
(a) that Richard is pretending to be conspiring with Sue
(b) that Sue believes Richard is in love with her
(c) that Richard kisses Sue
(d) that Sue is five inches taller than Richard

2. How does Richard contrive to be able to see and talk to Maud every day?
(a) he dresses as a maid who delivers her meals to her
(b) he offers to give her painting lessons
(c) by asking her uncle's permission
(d) by climbing up the trellis to her room

3. What does Maud steal from her uncle's bedroom while he is asleep?
(a) the money laying on his dresser
(b) his razor and watch chain
(c) one of his pornographic books
(d) another picture of her mother

4. What are Sue's plans for Maud when Sue finds her?
(a) to expose the truth of what Maud did to Sue
(b) to murder Maud
(c) to ask Maud to run away with her
(d) to tell Maud that Sue is the real Maud Lilly

5. When does Maud clearly remember the trip?
(a) when they arrive at the country church
(b) when they board the boat
(c) when Sue is readying her for her marriage bed
(d) when Sue slaps her to stop her hysteria

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Sue and Maud pack for the trip?

2. How does Maud get Sue to make love to Maud?

3. How does Sue treat Maud?

4. What does Maud think is possible after the money is claimed?

5. What does Sue have to do before she is released from the asylum?

Short Essay Questions

1. Give a brief description of what Mr. Lilly has to say in the letter to Richard and how Maud feels about the letter.

2. What is Mrs. Sucksby's reaction to Maud's return?

3. What does Maud do with the razor she stole from her uncle?

4. What happens when Maud and Richard walk into the house on Lant Street?

5. Describe Maud and Sue's first interaction.

6. What does Maud learn when she demands to know where she is when arriving at Mrs. Sucksby's house?

7. What changes Maud during the night after the outing and what does Maud do about it?

8. How is Sue's experience at the insane asylum similar to that of Maud at her uncle's house?

9. When Richard returns from London, what must Maud commit herself to doing in the time left before her escape?

10. How does Richard get Agnes out of the house?

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