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Sarah Waters
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who visits Sue in the asylum?
(a) Mrs. Sucksby
(b) Mr. Hawtrey
(c) Charles, the knife boy from Briar
(d) Mr. Lilly

2. Why does Maud find it difficult to look at Sue?
(a) because Maud is in love with Sue
(b) because Sue is very homely
(c) because Maud is afraid of revealing the truth to Sue
(d) because Maud is tricking Sue

3. What is Agnes' parting admonishment to Maud?
(a) to be careful when riding her horse
(b) to say her prayers and include Agnes in them
(c) that Maud will not be able to abuse Richard as easily as Maud abused Agnes
(d) to remember to wash her gloves every night

4. What about Sue's arrival momentarily distresses Maud?
(a) Sue comes in and Maud falls in love with her immediately
(b) Sue tells Maud about the plan Richard and Sue made
(c) Sue has typhoid
(d) Sue is late

5. Who does Sue see through the upper story window in Mrs. Sucksby's house?
(a) Richard
(b) John Vromm
(c) Mr. Lilly
(d) Mrs. Sucksby and Maud

Short Answer Questions

1. How does Maud get Sue to make love to Maud?

2. What does Mr. Hawtrey do when Maud appears in his store?

3. Where is Sue sent because of her struggles against the orderlies?

4. What does Maud want to do when Sue is in the bed next to her?

5. After Richard's arrival, Maud resumes her ___________________.

Short Essay Questions

1. What does Maud give to Sue and what does that foreshadow?

2. What are the key developments in this chapter?

3. Describe Maud and Sue's first interaction.

4. How does Maud react to being at the house on Lant Street and how does Richard react to Maud's accusations?

5. Why does Richard suggest to Mr. Lilly that Richard teach Maud to paint?

6. How does Richard get Agnes out of the house?

7. Describe the murder of Richard.

8. How does Sue feel about Maud, who was partially responsible for Sue being in the asylum?

9. What does Maud do with the razor she stole from her uncle?

10. What changes Maud during the night after the outing and what does Maud do about it?

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