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Sarah Waters
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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Sue's mother was ________________.
(a) married to a Prince.
(b) murdered when Sue is a baby.
(c) run over by a freight train.
(d) hanged for murder.

2. Sue refashions stolen objects to ______________.
(a) make money
(b) make them shiny and pretty
(c) remove identifying marks
(d) pass the time in her boring life

3. Sue agrees to help Gentleman by becoming a ____________ to the rich, young woman.
(a) maid
(b) companion
(c) teacher
(d) hairdresser

4. What is Sue's main job at Briar?
(a) To exercise Maud's horse.
(b) To read to Maud several hours each day.
(c) To cook and serve meals.
(d) To sit awake all night and be ready to help Maud.

5. What does Sue teach Maud?
(a) the best way to pick a lock
(b) dance steps and how to play cards
(c) how to groom a horse
(d) how to break into a safe

Short Answer Questions

1. Sue believes Maud is __________________.

2. Sue disagrees with Gentleman that Maud is ___________.

3. To what does Sue compare Maud's cheek?

4. What does Maud hate about her gloves?

5. What proves that the marriage has been consummated?

Short Essay Questions

1. Briefly describe Sue's trip and arrival at Briar.

2. What are Sue's impressions of Maud?

3. What does Sue realize about Maud and what does Sue do about this realization?

4. Who is the significant person introduced from Maud's point of view in Chapter 8 and what is his significance?

5. What does Maud ask of Sue and how does Sue respond?

6. Describe Maud and Sue's escape to go meet Richard.

7. How does Gentleman prepare Sue for her part in the swindle?

8. What does Maud do after dinner?

9. How is Maud the morning after her wedding night?

10. Why does Maud relate the story of her coming to Briar?

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