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Sarah Waters
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Sue returned to the soft room?
(a) because the hates the t.v. shows being shown in the common room
(b) because she is still insisting that she is not Maud
(c) because she keeps hitting other patients
(d) because she asks for privacy

2. What is the implication of Mrs. Sucksby saying, "my own dear girl."
(a) that Mrs. Sucksby is blind and thinks Maud is Sue
(b) that Mrs. Sucksby is trying to calm Maud and be a substitute mother
(c) that Mrs. Sucksby plans to adopt Maud
(d) that Maud is Mrs. Sucksby's biological daughter

3. What foreshadowing happens when Maud gives Sue one of her dresses?
(a) Sue thinks of Maud's insane mother
(b) Sue acts insane and slaps the maid for insolence
(c) Maud kisses Sue passionately
(d) a maid mistakes Sue for Maud

4. Why does Maud pass the day in a stupor?
(a) she drinks vodka tonics all the time
(b) she has been drugged
(c) she is trying a new pill for depression
(d) she does not sleep well because the bed is hard

5. What does Charles bring Sue the next week?
(a) a key blank and file
(b) five thousand pounds of her inheritance
(c) two letters from Maud
(d) a pardon from the Queen

6. What does Sue call Maud, which surprises Maud?
(a) your majesty
(b) your ladyship
(c) a good girl
(d) a mean person

7. What is the remedy for Sue's screaming in the asylum?
(a) tying her to her bed
(b) removing her tongue
(c) the cold water plunge
(d) a gag

8. Who takes responsibility for the murder?
(a) Charles, the knife boy
(b) Sue
(c) Maud
(d) Mrs. Sucksby

9. What does Maud think is possible after the money is claimed?
(a) that Richard and Sue will marry
(b) that Richard will divorce her
(c) that Maud will be allowed to return to Mr. Lilly
(d) that she will be murdered

10. How does Sue use her playing cards?
(a) to fan herself since it's so warm in the house
(b) to tell Maud's fortune
(c) to play solitaire at night
(d) to play poker for money with the other servants

11. To whom does Mr. Hawtrey compare Maud?
(a) Galatea, a nymph sculpted in marble
(b) Queen Elizabeth I
(c) Helen of Troy
(d) Clarissa

12. What is wrong with Nurse Bacon?
(a) she has a broken hip
(b) her legs are twisted from polio
(c) she has swollen and painful hands
(d) she has had an ear cut off

13. What does Maud find so humorous when she observes Richard and Sue together?
(a) that Sue believes Richard is in love with her
(b) that Richard is pretending to be conspiring with Sue
(c) that Sue is five inches taller than Richard
(d) that Richard kisses Sue

14. What does Sue have to do before she is released from the asylum?
(a) write an accounting of her life
(b) ask the nurses' forgiveness
(c) tell the doctor about Richard's plot
(d) have a lobotomy

15. Who devised the entire scheme about the inheritance?
(a) Mrs. Sucksby
(b) Sue's aunt
(c) the Gentleman
(d) John Vroom

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Maud have to learn enough about life in the Borough?

2. How does Richard realize that Maud is falling in love with Sue?

3. What does Sue find on the floor of the soft room?

4. Maud wonders if she will be a _____________ wandering the halls of Briar.

5. What does Mr. Lilly say in a letter to Richard?

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