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Sarah Waters
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Maud find it difficult to look at Sue?
(a) because Maud is tricking Sue
(b) because Maud is afraid of revealing the truth to Sue
(c) because Sue is very homely
(d) because Maud is in love with Sue

2. What does Maud give Charles for Sue when Charles comes to the door of Mrs. Sucksby's house?
(a) a new dress
(b) the folded two of hearts card
(c) a letter
(d) money

3. How does Richard contrive to be able to see and talk to Maud every day?
(a) he offers to give her painting lessons
(b) by climbing up the trellis to her room
(c) by asking her uncle's permission
(d) he dresses as a maid who delivers her meals to her

4. Why does Maud have to learn enough about life in the Borough?
(a) so she will feel comfortable living there
(b) in case there is not money, she can steal for a living
(c) so she can take care of Mrs. Sucksby
(d) to be able to impersonate Sue before lawyers

5. What do Sue and Maud pack for the trip?
(a) nothing; they must escape unburdened
(b) Maud's clothing and jewerly
(c) bedding
(d) a picnic basket

6. What does Maud think is possible after the money is claimed?
(a) that Richard and Sue will marry
(b) that Richard will divorce her
(c) that she will be murdered
(d) that Maud will be allowed to return to Mr. Lilly

7. While Maud grows thinner and paler, Sue ___________________.
(a) gives Maud small doses of arsenic
(b) worries about Maud dying
(c) eats Maud's meals
(d) looks healthier each day

8. Where does Maud run to when she escapes Mrs. Sucksby's house?
(a) to the police
(b) back to her uncle's house
(c) to the insane asylum to get Sue
(d) to find Mr. Hawtrey on Holywell Street

9. What does Richard say when Maud accuses him of planning to murder her?
(a) that she is hallucinogenic
(b) that Mrs. Sucksby would not like it
(c) that she has guessed correctly
(d) that he is in love with her

10. Who takes responsibility for the murder?
(a) Maud
(b) Charles, the knife boy
(c) Mrs. Sucksby
(d) Sue

11. Who finally greets Maud and Richard and dropping Sue off at the asylum?
(a) Maud's uncle
(b) the constable
(c) a white-haired woman in a black taffeta dress
(d) no one; they go to Richards empty home

12. How does Richard get Maud into the gardens?
(a) by asking permission of Mr. Lilly
(b) by saying it's time for Maud to paint nature
(c) by helping her climb down the trellis
(d) by promising her a kiss

13. Where is Sue sent because of her struggles against the orderlies?
(a) home to Mrs. Sucksby
(b) the common room
(c) the soft room
(d) back to Mr. Lilly

14. What does Sue call Maud, which surprises Maud?
(a) a good girl
(b) your ladyship
(c) your majesty
(d) a mean person

15. Maud's gloves have _____________________.
(a) gotten several holes in them
(b) become stained
(c) been stolen
(d) been dyed green

Short Answer Questions

1. Who does Maud decide to turn to for help?

2. Who does Sue see through the upper story window in Mrs. Sucksby's house?

3. During the day before their escape, Maud and Sue visit ______________.

4. When does Maud clearly remember the trip?

5. What does Maud refuse to do for Sue?

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