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Sarah Waters
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is John Vroom sent out to get for Maud to cheer her up?
(a) a greyhound puppy
(b) Sue from the insane asylum
(c) chocolate almond fudge ice cream
(d) a bird in a cage

2. What are Sue's plans for Maud when Sue finds her?
(a) to expose the truth of what Maud did to Sue
(b) to tell Maud that Sue is the real Maud Lilly
(c) to ask Maud to run away with her
(d) to murder Maud

3. What about Sue's arrival momentarily distresses Maud?
(a) Sue comes in and Maud falls in love with her immediately
(b) Sue is late
(c) Sue has typhoid
(d) Sue tells Maud about the plan Richard and Sue made

4. How does Sue treat Maud?
(a) roughly
(b) indifferently
(c) with kindness and gentleness
(d) with contempt

5. What does Richard say in his letter to Maud from London?
(a) that he has changed his mind
(b) that he is being held in jail for theft
(c) that he is impatient to get on with their plans
(d) that he has fallen in love and married another woman

6. Maud thinks in the boat: "We glide, softly," she says, "in silence, into our ________.
(a) "trip to Paradise."
(b) "own fulfilled dreams."
(c) "dark and separate hells."
(d) "new life of love."

7. What does Sue think Maud's uncle is doing?
(a) keeping account books for the Duke
(b) compiling a dictionary
(c) making a map of the known world
(d) writing a novel about the queen

8. About what does Maud daydream?
(a) traveling to Italy with Richard
(b) having her own mansion
(c) rescuing her mother from the asylum
(d) a life in London

9. Who cuts open Maud's bag to examine the contents?
(a) Richard
(b) John Vroom
(c) Mrs. Sucksby
(d) Mr. Hawrly

10. What convinces Maud to continue with their plan about the inheritance and Sue?
(a) greed for money
(b) revenge at Sue for her forward behavior
(c) Richard's threat of exposure
(d) her love for Sue

11. Why does Maud find it difficult to look at Sue?
(a) because Maud is in love with Sue
(b) because Maud is afraid of revealing the truth to Sue
(c) because Sue is very homely
(d) because Maud is tricking Sue

12. During the day before their escape, Maud and Sue visit ______________.
(a) the stables to say goodbye to Maud's filly
(b) Maud's mother's grave
(c) the root cellar to steal some food for the trip
(d) Mr. Lilly to gloat secretly

13. What does Maud do with a razor?
(a) slits her uncle's throat
(b) slits her wrists because she has changed her mind about the plan
(c) destroys a number of her uncle's pornographic books
(d) murders Sue

14. After Richard's arrival, Maud resumes her ___________________.
(a) painting lessons
(b) grieving for her mother
(c) reading to her uncle
(d) riding lessons

15. What does Mr. Hawtrey do when Maud appears in his store?
(a) he has the police arrest her for trespassing
(b) he introduces Maud to his wife and daughters
(c) he hires a coach to take her to a place where she can eat and sleep
(d) he contacts Mr. Lilly

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Sue find on the floor of the soft room?

2. Who takes responsibility for the murder?

3. Who is the woman that examines Maud at the house to which Richard takes Maud?

4. Who is the daughter of Marianne Lilly?

5. What card falls out when Sue is telling Maud her fortune?

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