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Sarah Waters
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. During the day before their escape, Maud and Sue visit ______________.
(a) the stables to say goodbye to Maud's filly
(b) Mr. Lilly to gloat secretly
(c) Maud's mother's grave
(d) the root cellar to steal some food for the trip

2. What does Maud steal from her uncle's bedroom while he is asleep?
(a) the money laying on his dresser
(b) one of his pornographic books
(c) his razor and watch chain
(d) another picture of her mother

3. How does Mrs. Sucksby explain Sue's continued absence?
(a) she says that Sue betrayed them and ran away with the money
(b) she says Sue comitted suicide
(c) she says that Sue married Mr. Lilly when he rescued her
(d) she says Sue had to go care for her cousin

4. What happens to Richard?
(a) he is arrested for murdering Sue
(b) Maud divorces him
(c) he is given money from Maud's inheritance
(d) he is stabbed to death

5. Why was Mrs. Sucksby Marianne Lilly's midwife?
(a) because Mrs. Sucksby is the best midwife in London
(b) because Marianne Lilly is unmarried
(c) because Marianne Lilly paid her a huge sum
(d) because she is Marianne Lilly's aunt

6. How does Mrs. Sucksby react when Maud grabs a baby and threatens to kill it?
(a) terrified
(b) astonished
(c) with anger
(d) with indifference

7. Who devised the entire scheme about the inheritance?
(a) the Gentleman
(b) John Vroom
(c) Sue's aunt
(d) Mrs. Sucksby

8. Maud thinks in the boat: "We glide, softly," she says, "in silence, into our ________.
(a) "trip to Paradise."
(b) "own fulfilled dreams."
(c) "new life of love."
(d) "dark and separate hells."

9. To whom does Marianne Lilly leave her fortune?
(a) to whomever will marry Maud
(b) to the Salvation Army
(c) to be divided equally between Sue and Maud
(d) to Mrs. Sucksby

10. What does Maud want to do when Sue is in the bed next to her?
(a) smother Sue with her pillow
(b) reach out and touch Sue
(c) confess the plan to Sue
(d) scream and yell that Sue is raping her

11. Where do Charles and Sue go after Sue escapes from the asylum?
(a) London
(b) the United States
(c) Paris
(d) Briar

12. What convinces Maud to continue with their plan about the inheritance and Sue?
(a) her love for Sue
(b) revenge at Sue for her forward behavior
(c) Richard's threat of exposure
(d) greed for money

13. What does Mr. Lilly say in a letter to Richard?
(a) that Sue is really Mr. Lilly's niece
(b) that Maud plans to leave Richard
(c) that Richard is welcome to Maud and that she is a whore
(d) that he is hiring a lawyer to get Maud back

14. What does Richard say in his letter to Maud from London?
(a) that he is being held in jail for theft
(b) that he is impatient to get on with their plans
(c) that he has changed his mind
(d) that he has fallen in love and married another woman

15. Who takes responsibility for the murder?
(a) Charles, the knife boy
(b) Mrs. Sucksby
(c) Maud
(d) Sue

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is the woman that examines Maud at the house to which Richard takes Maud?

2. Why do Maud and Mrs. Sucksby move towards Richard holding the knife?

3. What does Maud think is possible after the money is claimed?

4. What does Maud refuse to do for Sue?

5. How does Richard make it seem that he and Maud are making love?

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