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Sarah Waters
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Charles, the knife boy, beaten?
(a) for sharpening the wrong side of a knife
(b) for using a paring knife to carve a wooden dog
(c) for weeping over the departure of Richard
(d) for forgetting to polish the silver

2. To what does Richard introduce Maud as a ruse to have time alone with Maud?
(a) drawing and painting
(b) swimming
(c) croquet
(d) bird watching

3. What symbolic event happens just as Richard and Maud return to the home after painting out of doors?
(a) two turtle doves fly overhead
(b) a storm
(c) fog moves in from the bog
(d) the church bells ring

4. The house where Christopher Lilly and Maud live is named ___________.
(a) Rainbow
(b) Fenerly
(c) Land's End
(d) Briar

5. How does Richard describe Sue?
(a) a beautiful, intelligent girl
(b) a sort of thief who is not too clever
(c) a servant in a brothel
(d) as his slow-minded sister

6. What is Richard's real plan to do with Sue after the hoax is complete?
(a) to have her as a mistress
(b) to murder her
(c) to turn her over to the police for fraud
(d) to convince authorities that she is Maud and have her commited

7. Sue compares Maud to __________.
(a) a worm
(b) fake diamonds
(c) a pearl
(d) Sue's mother

8. As a child, Maud believed she would become a _____________.
(a) Duchess
(b) nurse in an insane asylum
(c) wealthy woman
(d) nun

9. What weather element plays an important symbolic role in this section?
(a) sunshine
(b) snow
(c) rain
(d) fog

10. Sue considers the benefits in question 23 to be a form of _________________.
(a) goodwill from the owners
(b) extortion
(c) fringe benefits
(d) thievery

11. Sue's mother was ________________.
(a) hanged for murder.
(b) murdered when Sue is a baby.
(c) married to a Prince.
(d) run over by a freight train.

12. Sue was ___________ by the movie in question 8.
(a) terrified
(b) elated
(c) inspired
(d) confused

13. Gentleman arrives at Mrs. Sucksby home with an idea to _____________.
(a) marry a wealthy girl and get her fortune.
(b) fence stolen goods more efficiently
(c) blow up the London subway
(d) marry Sue and teach her how to embezzle

14. What does Richard say about Maud's feelings for him?
(a) that her feelings are the key to the elopement
(b) that Maud's feelings are silly
(c) that Maud is afraid of her feelings for him
(d) that they are false

15. Sue disagrees with Gentleman that Maud is ___________.
(a) mean
(b) stupid
(c) boring
(d) kind

Short Answer Questions

1. Maud cuts the grass around _____________.

2. Why does Sue teach Maud about some normal activities of life?

3. What does the figure of the hand on the floor represent?

4. To what does Sue compare Maud's cheek?

5. What advice does Sue give to Maud about Maud's uncertainty?

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