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Sarah Waters
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Maud returns to her room that night, what does Sue expect?
(a) Maud and she to play gin rummy
(b) Maud to fire her
(c) Maud to speak of her love for Richard or of the kiss
(d) Maud to announce her engagement to Richard

2. What regulates Maud's day at Briar?
(a) meal times
(b) her appointment book
(c) the chiming of the clock
(d) the calling of the hours by the butler

3. Maud's skirt is ________________.
(a) just a tad longer than a mini-skirt
(b) So short it shows her ankles
(c) made of the same material as the drapery
(d) yellow velvet

4. Maud continues to ask Sue to _________________.
(a) run errands into town
(b) sleep in the bed with her
(c) read Maud fairy tales
(d) steal cookies from the kitchen for her

5. Maud wakes in the middle of the night and is ________________.
(a) thirsty
(b) talkative
(c) restless
(d) frightened

6. The train station is hung with black cloth because of the death of _______________.
(a) many Londoners due to a terriorist attack
(b) Winston Churchill
(c) Queen Victoria
(d) Prince Albert

7. Who performs the marriage ceremony?
(a) an unkempt vicar in a village church
(b) no one; Richard and Maud just exchange vows themselves
(c) the justice of the peace
(d) Sue

8. Why does Richard Rivers come to Maud's room late at night?
(a) to seduce her
(b) to tell her that he is her brother
(c) to tell her that there is a tornado coming
(d) to scheme with her about getting her mother's money

9. What is the reason Maud believes her uncles will not allow her to marry Richard?
(a) her uncle has already promised Maud to the neighbor
(b) her uncle believes Richard is a fortune hunter
(c) her uncle needs Maud to work on indexing the books
(d) her uncle wants Maud to join a convent

10. How is Richard going to gain access to Maud's home?
(a) through a secret entrance in the basement
(b) by offering Mr. Lilly free pornography
(c) by pretending to be a workman
(d) obtain a job mounting Maud's uncle's artwork

11. What proves that the marriage has been consummated?
(a) Richard smoking a cigar
(b) Sue's eye witness testimony
(c) blood on the sheets
(d) Maud's description of the night

12. Why does Maud relate the story of her early life to the reader?
(a) so the reader might understand why Maud is who she is
(b) to gain sympathy from the reader
(c) because she likes to tell stories
(d) to rationalize her actions

13. Mr. Ibbs is a ____________________.
(a) taxi cab driver
(b) locksmith
(c) college professor
(d) dairy farmer

14. Sue's work at the Lillys' will make Sue and Mrs. Sucksby ____________.
(a) closer
(b) criminals
(c) rich
(d) happy

15. Mrs. Sucksby tells Sue that Sue's mother would be _________ of what Sue is going to do at the Lillys' house.
(a) appalled
(b) proud
(c) terrified
(d) ashamed

Short Answer Questions

1. Sue's mother was ________________.

2. What does Sue do that creates a wall between her and Maud?

3. What is Maud's response to reading from the pornographic books to her uncle and his friends?

4. Gentleman arrives at Mrs. Sucksby home with an idea to _____________.

5. Sue was ___________ by the movie in question 8.

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