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Sarah Waters
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. To what does Richard introduce Maud as a ruse to have time alone with Maud?
(a) swimming
(b) croquet
(c) drawing and painting
(d) bird watching

2. What is the occupation of the alleged doctors who Richard calls in for a consultation?
(a) butlers
(b) grooms
(c) painters
(d) lawyers

3. Sue refashions stolen objects to ______________.
(a) make money
(b) make them shiny and pretty
(c) remove identifying marks
(d) pass the time in her boring life

4. Why is Charles, the knife boy, beaten?
(a) for weeping over the departure of Richard
(b) for forgetting to polish the silver
(c) for using a paring knife to carve a wooden dog
(d) for sharpening the wrong side of a knife

5. What bewilders Maud when she arrives at Briar?
(a) the dirt and grime
(b) how to use the bath
(c) the paintings in the foyer
(d) the stillness of the house

6. Of what are Maud's gloves symbolic?
(a) purity
(b) isolation
(c) virginity
(d) disease

7. What symbolic event happens just as Richard and Maud return to the home after painting out of doors?
(a) a storm
(b) two turtle doves fly overhead
(c) the church bells ring
(d) fog moves in from the bog

8. Why does Maud relate the story of her early life to the reader?
(a) so the reader might understand why Maud is who she is
(b) because she likes to tell stories
(c) to gain sympathy from the reader
(d) to rationalize her actions

9. What is Richard's real plan to do with Sue after the hoax is complete?
(a) to turn her over to the police for fraud
(b) to convince authorities that she is Maud and have her commited
(c) to murder her
(d) to have her as a mistress

10. Sue's work at the Lillys' will make Sue and Mrs. Sucksby ____________.
(a) criminals
(b) closer
(c) rich
(d) happy

11. To what does Sue compare Maud's cheek?
(a) a streetmap of veins
(b) a ruddy duck
(c) an alabaster angel
(d) a pearl

12. How does Richard describe Sue?
(a) a sort of thief who is not too clever
(b) a beautiful, intelligent girl
(c) as his slow-minded sister
(d) a servant in a brothel

13. Mrs. Sucksby tells Sue that Sue's mother would be _________ of what Sue is going to do at the Lillys' house.
(a) proud
(b) terrified
(c) appalled
(d) ashamed

14. What does Mr. Lilly require Maud to wear?
(a) gloves
(b) a retainer
(c) a hat
(d) old-fashioned clothing

15. When Maud returns to her room that night, what does Sue expect?
(a) Maud to fire her
(b) Maud and she to play gin rummy
(c) Maud to announce her engagement to Richard
(d) Maud to speak of her love for Richard or of the kiss

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does Maud give Sue one of her dresses?

2. What will be Maud's financial state after marriage?

3. Richard Rivers upsets Maud by asking her about what?

4. What happens at the insane asylum?

5. Why do the servants cut short their dinner?

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