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Sarah Waters
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 3, Chapter 14.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What regulates Maud's day at Briar?
(a) the chiming of the clock
(b) the calling of the hours by the butler
(c) her appointment book
(d) meal times

2. Why is Charles, the knife boy, beaten?
(a) for forgetting to polish the silver
(b) for weeping over the departure of Richard
(c) for using a paring knife to carve a wooden dog
(d) for sharpening the wrong side of a knife

3. How does Richard realize that Maud is falling in love with Sue?
(a) he observes Maud watching Sue sleep while on an outing
(b) he hears the two of them making love one night
(c) he slaps Maud and makes her tell him
(d) he hears Maud confess her love to Sue

4. What does Maud want to do when Sue is in the bed next to her?
(a) confess the plan to Sue
(b) reach out and touch Sue
(c) smother Sue with her pillow
(d) scream and yell that Sue is raping her

5. Sue was ___________ by the movie in question 8.
(a) elated
(b) terrified
(c) confused
(d) inspired

Short Answer Questions

1. Why was Mrs. Sucksby Marianne Lilly's midwife?

2. Why does Maud have to learn enough about life in the Borough?

3. What does Sue call Maud, which surprises Maud?

4. What does Mr. Hawtrey do when Maud appears in his store?

5. Who is the woman that examines Maud at the house to which Richard takes Maud?

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