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Sarah Waters
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 2, Chapter 12.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why does Maud give Sue one of her dresses?
(a) Maud is tired of seeing Sue in the same dress all the time
(b) Maud had ripped that dress and didn't want it
(c) Maud has too many dresses in her closet
(d) Maud wants Sue to look nice for the Gentleman

2. What is the reason Maud believes her uncles will not allow her to marry Richard?
(a) her uncle believes Richard is a fortune hunter
(b) her uncle wants Maud to join a convent
(c) her uncle needs Maud to work on indexing the books
(d) her uncle has already promised Maud to the neighbor

3. What does Maud confess to Sue as Sue readies Maud for the marriage bed?
(a) that Maud is penniless
(b) that Maud told her uncle what was about to happen
(c) that Maud knew it was Sue who made love to her
(d) that Maud is in love with Sue

4. After dinner, Maud _______________.
(a) goes out to visit her grandmother
(b) writes in her diary
(c) does her calisthenics
(d) reads to her uncle

5. Maud continues to ask Sue to _________________.
(a) read Maud fairy tales
(b) run errands into town
(c) sleep in the bed with her
(d) steal cookies from the kitchen for her

Short Answer Questions

1. The residents of the house where Sue is raised are ______________.

2. As a child, Maud believed she would become a _____________.

3. From what did Maud's mother really die?

4. Sue grew up in ________________.

5. What does Richard say about Maud's feelings for him?

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