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Sarah Waters
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Maud's skirt is ________________.
(a) made of the same material as the drapery
(b) just a tad longer than a mini-skirt
(c) So short it shows her ankles
(d) yellow velvet

2. Sue and Maud spend the rest of the afternoon _______________.
(a) sewing, chatting, and napping
(b) swimming in the lake
(c) riding horses
(d) polishing silver

3. What does Mr. Lilly require Maud to wear?
(a) gloves
(b) a hat
(c) a retainer
(d) old-fashioned clothing

4. Mr. Ibbs is a ____________________.
(a) dairy farmer
(b) college professor
(c) taxi cab driver
(d) locksmith

5. Part 1 is from __________ point of view.
(a) John Vroom's
(b) Sue's spinster aunt
(c) Maude's
(d) Sue's

Short Answer Questions

1. Sue's mother was ________________.

2. The train station is hung with black cloth because of the death of _______________.

3. What symbolic event happens just as Richard and Maud return to the home after painting out of doors?

4. What happens when another servant sees Sue in Maud's dress?

5. Mrs. Sucksby __________ Sue's bed at home.

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