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Sarah Waters
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Part 1, Chapter 4.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Sue is 5 or 6, she watches the movie _____________.

2. Sue grew up in ________________.
(a) an orphanage
(b) her grandmother's home
(c) Mrs. Sucksby's home
(d) the local brothel

3. Mr. Ibbs deals in
(a) poker games
(b) antiques
(c) stolen goods
(d) drugs

4. What does Sue do to encourage Maud to look favorably upon Richard?
(a) tells Maud how kind Richard is
(b) hints that Sue will be forced to marry someone terrible otherwise
(c) describes Richard's immense wealth
(d) uses a stacked deck of cards to tell Maud's fortune

5. Mrs. Sucksby tells Sue that Sue's mother would be _________ of what Sue is going to do at the Lillys' house.
(a) proud
(b) terrified
(c) ashamed
(d) appalled

Short Answer Questions

1. The house where Christopher Lilly and Maud live is named ___________.

2. What does Maud do when the two of hearts falls on the floor?

3. When Sue awakens the first morning at Briar, she notices that ___________.

4. What does Mr. Lilly require Maud to wear?

5. Sue compares Maud to __________.

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