Objects & Places from Fingersmith

Sarah Waters
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House on Lant Street in the Borough of London

This is the house in which Sue born and raised. This is also the place where Maud is imprisoned and Gentleman is killed here. Sue returns here after escaping the asylum.


This is the dark, damp, dismal estate owned by Christopher Lilly which harbors his vast collection of pornography.

Mrs. Cream's Cottage

This is the place where Richard takes the two girls after he marries Maud. Here, both of the smaller plans come to a climax.

The Asylum of Maud's Childhood

This is the madhouse in which a character spent some time at the dawn of her life.

The Women's Asylum

The place where Sue is left as part of Mrs. Sucksby's scheme.

The Borough Jail and Scaffold

These two places are visible from the room on the top floor of Mrs. Sucksby's house. It is here that...

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