Fingersmith Multiple Choice Test Questions

Sarah Waters
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Part 1, Chapter 1

1. Part 1 mainly is based upon Sue's ______________.
(a) Memories
(b) Video tapes her uncle records
(c) Old letters from the attic
(d) Aunt's diary

2. Part 1 is from __________ point of view.
(a) Sue's spinster aunt
(b) Sue's
(c) John Vroom's
(d) Maude's

3. Sue grew up in ________________.
(a) an orphanage
(b) the local brothel
(c) her grandmother's home
(d) Mrs. Sucksby's home

4. Sue's mother was ________________.
(a) hanged for murder.
(b) run over by a freight train.
(c) married to a Prince.
(d) murdered when Sue is a baby.

5. The residents of the house where Sue is raised are ______________.
(a) college-bound students
(b) all boys
(c) thieves
(d) mostly Asian

6. Mr. Ibbs is a ____________________.
(a) locksmith
(b) college professor
(c) taxi cab driver
(d) dairy farmer

7. Mr. Ibbs deals in
(a) stolen goods
(b) poker games
(c) antiques
(d) drugs

8. When Sue is 5 or 6, she watches the movie _____________.

9. Sue was ___________ by the movie in question 8.
(a) inspired
(b) elated
(c) terrified
(d) confused

10. Sue refashions stolen objects to ______________.
(a) make them shiny and pretty
(b) pass the time in her boring life
(c) make money
(d) remove identifying marks

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