Fingersmith Character Descriptions

Sarah Waters
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Sue Trinder

This is the protagonist or main character of the novel and a fingersmith, raised in the slums of London. She is a kind and gentle person who is compelled to forsake the woman she loves to make the fortune of the woman who raised her.

Maud Lilly

This is the second major character of the novel who is raised in a madhouse until her manic uncle claims her to become his secretary. Confronted with a choice between freedom and her love for Sue, she chooses freedom, for without it she cannot love.


This character is a true villain to everyone except Mrs. Sucksby. He is a scoundrel and a con man.

Mrs. Sucksby

This person is a fence and a baby farmer. Her existence is determined by the stolen goods and unwanted children that enter and leave her house.

Christopher Lilly

He is Maud's uncle...

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