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Graham Hancock
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Short Answer Questions

1. What is surprising about the limestone megaliths found in the Great Sphinx?

2. What was the large Antarctic landmass supporting in Chapter 51?

3. What is a third element of the author's thesis in Chapter 52?

4. What is surprising about the granite used to sculpt the Second Pyramid?

5. What was inside the Second Pyramid?

Short Essay Questions

1. Is it a coincidence that the Great Pyramid is an accurate scale-model of Earth's northern hemisphere?

2. As theorized in Chapter 28, do ancient myth contains a veiled method for expressing the technical terms for advanced astronomy?

3. In Chapter 39, why do you think the Egyptians didn't cut the limestone into smaller pieces to make it easier to move?

4. Why was Bauval's discovery that Orion's three belt stars are not in a straight line significant?

5. Is Hancock correct in his assertion that what he discovered that has already happened, can happen again?

6. What theory is the focus of Chapter 51?

7. What is eccentricity?

8. What two aspects of the Great Pyramid remain a mystery?

9. What is the obliquity of the ecliptic?

10. What did the author mean in Chapter 33 when he referred to the boats at the base of the Great Pyramid as seeming to be of a quality exceeding the presumed need to transport a dead king to heaven?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

In Chapters 33 through 39, the author seemed to have trouble understanding the mindset of a people (the ancient Egyptians) that would go to such extraordinary lengths to incorporate perfect engineering accuracy into their structures. What possibilities did he consider, and what did he ultimately conclude?

Essay Topic 2

What are the ramifications of Hancock's discoveries about the history of Antarctica and the South Pole? How do they relate to contemporary environmental concerns?

Essay Topic 3

What was Hancock's view of the history of ancient civilizations' abilities, and what happened to these civilizations?

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