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Graham Hancock
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Short Answer Questions

1. How long was Queen Maud Land ice-free?

2. According to Chapter 26, what is the longest possible amount of time modern man has existed?

3. Where is the Great Pyramid located?

4. How long was the mysterious surface road on the coast and through the Andes?

5. According to the Mayans, what precedes global destruction?

Short Essay Questions

1. In Chapter 38, how did the Egyptians manage to drill through granite without the necessary tools?

2. In Chapter 26, what is relayed about the history of modern man?

3. Why did Hancock determine that the ancient Egyptians' astronomical observation and knowledge of solar system mechanics was clearer than assumed in Chapter 42?

4. Explain why seasons occur in different hemispheres.

5. What is the cycle of precession?

6. Why is it believed that the Tiahuanaco culture was able to migrate after a catastrophe, whereas so many other cultures were wiped out by them?

7. Why did Hancock mention his researcher's resignation in Chapter 50?

8. In Chapter 39, why do you think the Egyptians didn't cut the limestone into smaller pieces to make it easier to move?

9. In the Introduction, what was Hancock trying to determine?

10. In the Introduction, why did Hancock study the Admiral Piri Reis Map?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

What was Hancock's view of the history of ancient civilizations' abilities, and what happened to these civilizations?

Essay Topic 2

According to the book, if modern civilization were to be wiped out and discovered in thousands of years, what artifacts would be found?

Essay Topic 3

What did Hancock learn about the Nazca people and their beliefs and values, based on the permanent drawings in the desert they left behind for posterity?

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