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Graham Hancock
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What did Hancock discover about the Great Pyramid's faces?
(a) Its faces are more visible by night.
(b) Its faces are only visible by day.
(c) Its faces are perfectly aligned.
(d) Its faces are slightly off in their alignment.

2. What is the height to perimeter ratio of the Great Pyramid the same as?
(a) A sphere's area to circumference.
(b) A sphere's circumference to radius.
(c) A sphere's circumference to area.
(d) A sphere's radius to circumference.

3. What did Hancock assume to be the "missing piece" in Chapter 50?
(a) A cataclysmic catastrophe.
(b) The humans' evolution from apes.
(c) Ocean life.
(d) Clues left by lost civilizations.

4. In Chapter 36, what did Hancock explore?
(a) Pyramids with coffins that have been looted.
(b) Pyramids with the coffins of specific pharaohs.
(c) Pyramids with the coffins of peasants.
(d) Pyramids with unidentified, empty coffins.

5. What did the Ancient Egyptians understand well, according to Chapter 42?
(a) The mechanics of language.
(b) The mechanics of geometry.
(c) The mechanics of building structures.
(d) The mechanics of the solar system.

6. What is the term for the gravity of the sun and planets exerting influence on the Earth's elliptic orbit?
(a) Eccentricity.
(b) Ecliptic.
(c) Precess.
(d) Obliquity.

7. What did the Sun God, Ra, do?
(a) Sit on a throne surrounded by lesser gods.
(b) Control the movement of the stars.
(c) Give orders to lesser gods.
(d) Control darkness and light.

8. What happened to the continent after displacement?
(a) It was buried under two miles of ice.
(b) It was buried under two meters of ice.
(c) It was buried under two yards of ice.
(d) It was buried under two feet of ice.

9. What did Hancock discover about the Great Pyramid's lengths and corner angles?
(a) They are too worn out to be measured.
(b) They are surprisingly inaccurate.
(c) They are unusually accurate.
(d) They were obviously slapped together quickly.

10. What do the texts of Manetho describe?
(a) Gods ruling the Nile Valley.
(b) Pharoahs ruling the Nile Valley.
(c) Gods punishing everyday Egyptians.
(d) Gods punishing pharoahs.

11. What did Hancock wonder about the Great Pyramid in Chapter 37?
(a) Why the builders used such precision on a tomb.
(b) Why the pharaoh was buried in a pyramid.
(c) Why the pyramid was not used to bury a pharaoh.
(d) Why the builders used such imprecision on a tomb.

12. What did Jane Sellers discover using myths?
(a) Meaning in the stars.
(b) How long cycles take.
(c) A mathematical language.
(d) How the ancient peoples used language.

13. How high is the antechamber ceiling of the Great Pyramid?
(a) 120 feet.
(b) 12 meters.
(c) 12 yards.
(d) 12 feet.

14. What is surprising about the limestone megaliths found in the Great Sphinx?
(a) They could have been cut smaller to be moved more easily.
(b) Granite would have been easier to move than limestone.
(c) They could not possibly have been moved.
(d) Limestone was not found anywhere else.

15. How is the Egyptians' knowledge protected, according to Chapter 42?
(a) Coding in sacred texts.
(b) Coding in metaphors and allegories.
(c) A lack of sacred texts.
(d) A lack of mythology.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Hancock's researcher do in Chapter 50?

2. What do the documents in Chapter 43 list?

3. How many years does it take for the sun to shift 60 degrees?

4. To what superhuman are Viracocha and Quetzalcoatl compared?

5. According to Chapter 31, how did the embedding in the Osiris myth occur?

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