Objects & Places from Fingerprints of the Gods

Graham Hancock
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Piri Reis Map

This object was created by an admiral in 1513 A.D.


This place is the continent over the South Pole.

Earth-crust Displacement

This is a theory derived by Professor Hapgood.

Oronteus Finaeus

This object illustrates a continent at various stages before and during encroaching glaciation from 13,000 to 4000 BC.

Marine Chronometer

This object was invented by John Harrison to provide an accurate measure of longitude.


This place refers to a plateau, lines, people and environs.


This group of people goes off to various areas to work as disciples.

Machu Pichu

This place is a lost city in the mountains.

La Paz

This place is a capital city located two miles above sea level at the bottom of a plunging mountain ravine.


This place is a celestial observatory where ancient civilizations predicted the various seasons of the year.

Chichen Itza

This place is the...

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