Fingerprints of the Gods Fun Activities

Graham Hancock
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Ancient Map-Making

Research what your neighborhood used to be like at some point in the past, and create a map to illustrate this. Present it to the class.

Creative Ancient Civilization

Imagine an ancient civilization and create a three-dimensional presentation to introduce it to the class.

Nazca Lines Reproduction

Do a drawing and then create a method by which your classmates can view it from above. (It could be at the bottom of a shoe box with a hole in the top, or they could have to climb a ladder and look through a lens.)

Using Geometry to create Art

Create a two- or three-dimensional work of art using geometric fundamentals as a starting point. (This could be a tesselation or a sculpture using pi to form circles.)

Ancient Myths

Invent an ancient god or goddess and write a legend about him or her.

Constellation Map

Draw a...

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