Fingerprints of the Gods Character Descriptions

Graham Hancock
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Graham Hancock

This person is author, explorer, commentator, and analyst of Fingerprints of the Gods.

Santha Faiia

This person is the photographer for Fingerprints of the Gods and the spouse of its author.

Admiral Piri Reis

This person was a cartographer who drew a map in 1513 of Queen Maud Land in Antarctica.

Professor Charles Hapgood

This person is a professor who promotes the theory of earth-crust displacement.

Gerard Kremer

This person invented map projection.

John Harrison

This person invented the marine chronometer in 1776.


This god is venerated by the Incas as the Most Holy of all other gods.

The Astronomers

This group of people research the parallels between star constellations and earth-bound structures.

First Men

These people, found in a text like biblical scripture, see things hidden in the distance.

J. Eric Thompson

This person is a Central American authority on archaeology.


This person was the...

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