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Linda Fairstein
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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who is the police officer working on the case of a serial rapist?
(a) Paul.
(b) Mike.
(c) Mercer.
(d) Lang.

2. Why is Alex able to live off her small income?
(a) She is frugal.
(b) She lives with her parents.
(c) She is a movie star.
(d) She is financially secure.

3. Who is the pilot taking Alex and Mike to Martha's Vineyard?
(a) A young boy.
(b) An old man.
(c) A young girl.
(d) An old woman.

4. For whom is Alex waiting to return as she watches television?
(a) Mike.
(b) Jed.
(c) Zalina.
(d) Rachel.

5. Who has been following a movie star?
(a) Policeman.
(b) Priest.
(c) Runner.
(d) Stalker.

6. Mike and Alex decide to go where together to see the crime scene?
(a) Martha's Vineyard.
(b) Block Island.
(c) Aiken Hall.
(d) Met Museum.

7. Alex tells Mike about the history of Martha's Vineyard as they prepare to travel to where?
(a) Island.
(b) City.
(c) Peninsula.
(d) Country.

8. What does the strange man tell Alex that he is?
(a) A policeman.
(b) A thief.
(c) A liar.
(d) A sharpshooter.

9. Who calls to let Alex know that Jed is on his way up?
(a) Doorman.
(b) Friend.
(c) Priest.
(d) Policeman.

10. Alex talks about the thin line that separates what and murder?
(a) Fear.
(b) Theft.
(c) Harassment.
(d) Arson.

11. Who is the police chief on Martha's Vineyard?
(a) Segal.
(b) Corchado.
(c) Flanders.
(d) Battaglia.

12. Alex talks to Mike about whom?
(a) Mercer.
(b) Frank.
(c) Paul.
(d) Isabella.

13. What was Isabella wearing when she died?
(a) A ring.
(b) A pair of gloves.
(c) A hoodie.
(d) A cloak.

14. What does Alex see that belongs to Isabella in the kitchen?
(a) Letters.
(b) Rings.
(c) Shoes.
(d) Food.

15. Isabella's most recent boyfriend worked with her on what?
(a) Movie.
(b) Speech.
(c) Essay.
(d) Blueprint.

Short Answer Questions

1. Who is Alex's boyfriend?

2. What does Alex decline that her boss offers her?

3. Who/what discovered the crime scene?

4. Alex and Mike share a love of the game show called what?

5. What happens to Isabella when she is alone on the island?

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