Final Jeopardy Short Essay - Answer Key

Linda Fairstein
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1. Describe Alex.

Alex is a New York City prosecutor who works specifically in the sex crimes division.

2. Describe Mike.

Mike is a New York City police officer who works homicide cases.

3. Describe Isabella.

Isabella is a famous actress who is friends with Alex and is murdered.

4. Why is Alex's name in the paper?

A woman is found dead and by accident, she is believed to be Alex.

5. Why does Alex work as a prosecutor?

Alex works as a prosecutor because she is passionate about her work. She is financially secure without her income from her job, meaning she can live well on the small income.

6. What did Isabella intend to do on Martha's Vineyard?

Isabella planned on staying at Alex's house on Martha's Vineyard where she would read a script and spend some time alone.

7. What do the police think of Isabella's murder initially?

The police first think that Isabella had been shot by mistake by someone seeking revenge on Alex.

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