Final Jeopardy Quiz | Eight Week Quiz B

Linda Fairstein
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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter Eight through Ten.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Alex's residence is located where?
(a) Station.
(b) Chilmark.
(c) Waldron.
(d) Block.

2. The investigators have dusted for what?
(a) Rings.
(b) Shoes.
(c) Prints.
(d) Condoms.

3. Alex tells whom what she knows about Isabella's life?
(a) Trumbert.
(b) Waldron.
(c) Wally.
(d) Quinn.

4. What happens when Alex receives a call at night?
(a) She yawns.
(b) She meets the murderer.
(c) She screams.
(d) Caller hangs up.

5. Alex decides to assign her case to another prosecutor called what?
(a) Wally Flanders.
(b) Sarah Brenner.
(c) Officer Wallace.
(d) Paul Battagalia.

Short Answer Questions

1. Where does Alex work?

2. What does Mike seem to fear that Alex reassures him is safe?

3. Alex attends what event with her boss who is in a bad mood?

4. What do the sisters who Alex and Mike visit run?

5. The report is based on mistaken identity and the dead woman has been staying in Alex's house. What is her name?

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