Final Jeopardy Character Descriptions

Linda Fairstein
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Alexandra Cooper

This character is a New York prosecutor who works with the police and mainly sex crimes.

Isabella Lascar

This character is a famous movie star who has many affairs and is stalked before death.

Jed Segal

This character dates two people simultaneously, works in finance, is wealthy and attractive.

Richard Burrell

This character has a temper and is a murder suspect.

Johnny Garelli

This character is an actor and murder suspect.

David Mitchell

This character is a psychiatrist who has a dog.

Mike Chapman

This character is a homicide police officer who cares deeply for the New York prosecutor.

Ellen Goldman

This character is a freelancer writer, stalker, and killer.

Paul Battalagia

This character is the district attorney.

Maureen Forester

This character sits at the bar with a homicide police officer.

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