Final Jeopardy Chapter Abstracts for Teachers

Linda Fairstein
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Chapters One through Seven

• Alex reads about the death of Isabella.

• Alex goes to work.

• Alex talks to her boyfriend Jed.

• Alex goes to a conference with her boss, Paul.

• Alex and Mike put advertisements out for Isabella.

• Ellen sends Alex flowers.

• Alex orders pizza.

Chapter Eight through Ten

• Alex and Mike fly to Martha's Vineyard.

• They meet police officers.

• Alex rents a car and goes to her house.

• Alex meets with policemen and learns about the clues.

• Alex recognizes Isabella's liquor.

• She finds out that the Filofax is missing.

• Mike goes outside with Wally.

• Alex goes to the oyster shack.

• Alex tells Mike about being in love.

• Alex and Mike watch Jeopardy.

• Alex gets a phone call but the man hangs up.

Chapters Eleven through Fourteen

• Alex watches the funeral on television.

• She reads.

• Jed comes up and has sex with Alex.

• They make plans.

• Alex interviews...

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