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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What type of gun does the tavern keeper give Jonathan?
(a) A rifle.
(b) A musket.
(c) A hand gun.
(d) A six-gauge shotgun.

2. What do the New Jersey soldier uniforms look like?
(a) Blue jackets with white leggings.
(b) White jackets with red leggings.
(c) White jackets with blue leggings.
(d) Red jackets with white leggings.

3. What happens as Jonathan and the Hessians begin to walk?
(a) It starts to snow.
(b) A storm is brewing.
(c) It stops raining.
(d) It starts to rain.

4. What strikes Jonathan about the second Hessian he sees when he is alone after the battle?
(a) He seems short and weak.
(b) He seems young and clean-shaven.
(c) He seems fierce with a long mustache.
(d) He seems old and feeble.

5. What happens to Jonathan immediately following the battle with the Hessians?
(a) He chases after the Hessians.
(b) The American soldiers come back for him.
(c) Three Hessians come after him.
(d) He kills the remaining Hessians.

6. How is Jonathan feeling when the group of soldiers reaches the crest south of Rocktown?
(a) Thirsty.
(b) Hungry.
(c) Excited.
(d) Scared.

7. What road do the soldiers take toward the battle?
(a) Pennington Road.
(b) Alexandria Road.
(c) Trenton Road.
(d) Fleming Road.

8. What is Jonathan's father's attitude toward Jonathan going to war?
(a) He forbids it.
(b) He wholly supports it.
(c) He is ambivalent about it.
(d) He cautiously allows it.

9. What does the Corporal tell the men to do if it rains as they prepare to fight?
(a) Keep their pans covered and dry.
(b) Take cover under a tree.
(c) Find a building for shelter.
(d) Continue shooting.

10. At what point does the Corporal tell the men they should start shooting the Hessians?
(a) When they are fifty yards apart.
(b) As soon as they are in visual range.
(c) When they are ten yards apart.
(d) As soon as the Hessians start shooting them.

11. What does Jonathan wonder about as he and the Hessians rest?
(a) Whether other Hessians in the battle had taken prisoners.
(b) Whether he can make the Hessians his allies.
(c) How he can communicate with the Hessians.
(d) Why he went to battle in the first place.

12. What does Jonathan see as he prepares to run away when he is alone after the battle?
(a) Three Hessian soldiers coming toward him.
(b) A Hessian soldier coming toward him.
(c) Three Hessian soldiers standing nearby.
(d) A Hessian soldier standing nearby.

13. Who is the stranger who gathers the soldiers?
(a) A civilian.
(b) A corporal.
(c) A sergeant.
(d) A general.

14. What do Jonathan and the Hessians hear from the road?
(a) A bear.
(b) A cow.
(c) A child.
(d) A coyote.

15. What strikes Jonathan about the first Hessian he sees when he is alone after the battle?
(a) He seems old and feeble.
(b) He seems short and weak.
(c) He seems tall and powerful.
(d) He seems young and inexperienced.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Jonathan realize as the enemy officers get closer?

2. Why does Jonathan decide not to ask any more questions about the battle after talking to his father's friend?

3. What does Jonathan have trouble doing as the enemy approaches in Rocktown?

4. What happened to Jonathan's father in the war?

5. Why does the woman in Rocktown run away?

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