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Pages 3 through 15

• Jonathan dreams of going to war.

• His father has been wounded, so Jonathan is needed at home.

• The town bell chimes.
• Jonathan's older brother went to war a year ago and has not been heard from since.

• Jonathan's mother hates the war.

• Jonathan's mother allows him to go to town for news from the front.
• Jonathan is hoping for a battle and planning to join.

• The boy sounding the bell says that the British soldiers are on their way.

• A stranger called the Corporal gathers an army, including Jonathan.

Pages 16 through 28

• The tavern keeper lends Jonathan a long, heavy musket.

• Jonathan lies and says he has his father's permission to fight.

• The tavern keeper, wary of the Corporal, tells Jonathan he does not have to go.
• Jonathan lags behind the others, missing the Corporal's first words.

• The Corporal now says there will be more enemy soldiers...

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