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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Tyler blackmail his boss after he fired him?
(a) Told him about the pornography in the films.
(b) Threatened to kill him.
(c) Said he would file a sexual assault case.
(d) Told him he knew where his family lived.

2. What does the bartender tell the narrator he was asking about the previous week?
(a) If the Seattle police were shutting down Fight Club.
(b) How Project Mayhem was going in Seattle.
(c) If the bartender knew any other people who would want to join.
(d) If the bar basement could be used for Fight Club.

3. While traveling for business, what does the narrator ask the men he sees with beat-up faces?
(a) Who they last fought.
(b) Why they joined Fight Club.
(c) If they have seen Tyler.
(d) Which Fight Club chapter they are in.

4. What does the narrator threaten the hotel manager with?
(a) His cohorts from Fight Club.
(b) His life.
(c) Exposing the hotel's corrupt practices.
(d) Going to the newspapers with a heart-felt confession.

5. Where does Marla say she saw the narrator shoot a man?
(a) The Pressman Hotel.
(b) His exploded condominium.
(c) The Regent Hotel.
(d) The Paper Street house.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator wonder about when he sees all the acts of vandalism in the news?

2. What does the narrator ask Marla about their relationship?

3. How does the narrator know the members of Project Mayhem are keeping track of him?

4. What does Tyler tell his boss to do after firing him?

5. What does the narrator ask the mechanic while he is driving the Cadillac?

Short Essay Questions

1. Who does the narrator call following his discovery about himself and Tyler being the same person, receiving more confirmation that it is true?

2. What does the narrator tell the mechanic right before the car crash and why?

3. Why would the narrator rather see Raymond Hessel shot and dead than working in the convenience store?

4. What is the objective of Project Mayhem?

5. Why does the narrator tell Marla to keep him awake and, in the event that he does fall asleep, follow him and take note of everything he does?

6. What does The Narrator do when he learns that he killed Patrick Madden?

7. How was Tyler able to set up the different Fight Clubs, give other people chemical kisses and start Project Mayhem without the narrator knowing?

8. How did Tyler anticipate the narrator's meddling with Project Mayhem and what did he do to take care of it?

9. Why does the narrator go through Raymond Hessel's wallet during his homework assignment?

10. What is the narrator thinking about at the window of his exploded condominium and what stops him from stepping over the edge?

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