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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. After the narrator calls Tyler for the first time, what do the two of them decide to do?
(a) Grab a couple beers.
(b) Go to a movie.
(c) Go back to Tyler's place.
(d) Go out to dinner.

2. What does the narrator start faxing to his coworkers?
(a) Death threats.
(b) Soliloquies.
(c) Letters.
(d) Haikus.

3. What did Marla tell the narrator was her reason for not wanting to go to the support group meeting?
(a) She had company coming over.
(b) She was not interested in the meetings any more.
(c) She was going to commit suicide.
(d) She felt ill and wanted to stay in.

4. What does the person calling the Paper Street house ask the narrator about?
(a) Fight Club.
(b) The Paper Street house.
(c) Tyler Durden.
(d) The condominium explosion.

5. What literary device does the narrator use to tell the story that led up to this moment?
(a) A parallel.
(b) Flashback.
(c) Hyperbole.
(d) Metaphor.

Short Answer Questions

1. What did Tyler put on the back of the narrator's hand?

2. What does Tyler tell the narrator he should do while he is being questioned on the phone?

3. What does the narrator participate in at the brain parasites meeting?

4. Following his first encounter with Tyler, which support group does the narrator visit?

5. What are the articles about that the narrator reads to distract himself?

Short Essay Questions

1. What does the chemical kiss that Tyler burns into the narrator's hand mean?

2. What does Marla tell the narrator was her reason for not wanting to know about her breast cancer when she found the first lump?

3. What is the triangle that the narrator mentions in the opening scene? Why are anarchy, guns and an explosion used to represent that triangle?

4. When Tyler and the narrator first meet, how do their lives and personalities differ?

5. Why can't the narrator cry when Marla is at the same support groups as him?

6. Why does airport security stop the narrator at the airport after one of his business trips?

7. When the reader first encounters Bob, what does he look like and what does he represent?

8. Where does the narrator's jealousy about Marla and Tyler come from?

9. Why does Tyler urinate into the soup at the banquet for dignitaries?

10. Why does Tyler tell the narrator not to talk about him to Marla?

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