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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. How did Tyler take care of the police problem in Seattle?
(a) The Mischief Committee killed the police commissioner.
(b) The Assault Committee threatened to castrate the police commissioner.
(c) The Mischief Committee threatened to castrate the police commissioner.
(d) The Assault Committee killed the police commissioner.

2. When his boss fires him, what does the narrator do?
(a) Punches himself in the face.
(b) Beats up his boss.
(c) Screams at his boss.
(d) Throws his chair across the room.

3. What does the narrator's boss at the hotel say to the narrator when he comes into his office?
(a) He thinks the narrator needs to take some time off.
(b) He knows about the disgusting things the narrator has done to the food.
(c) He wants to promote the narrator for a job well done.
(d) He wants to get the narrator medical help.

4. What do the security guards see when they enter the hotel manager's office?
(a) No one is there.
(b) The Narrator lying on the floor alone.
(c) The hotel manager with his hands on the narrator.
(d) Only the hotel manager, because the narrator fled the scene.

5. Following Tyler's admittance of the young man into the Paper Street house, where does the narrator finally fall asleep?
(a) The Paper Street basement.
(b) Marla's bed.
(c) On a bus.
(d) His office desk.

6. Why are members of Project Mayhem happier to be shot and killed than to be arrested?
(a) If you are arrested, you are likely to be tortured.
(b) If you are arrested, you are unable to get promoted in Project Mayhem.
(c) If you are arrested, you are thrown out of Project Mayhem.
(d) If you are arrested, you will disappoint Tyler.

7. What is the last rule of Project Mayhem that the three Space Monkeys in the Cadillac recite?
(a) You always fight for what you want.
(b) You don't ask questions.
(c) You don't give up.
(d) You always do as Tyler says.

8. In response to his question, what does Marla say the narrator did for her?
(a) He saved her life.
(b) He ruined her life.
(c) He made her optimistic about living.
(d) He gave her a disease.

9. What does the narrator do to distract himself while attempting to climb out one of the bus windows?
(a) Thinks of his condominium.
(b) Thinks of Marla.
(c) Guided meditation.
(d) Says a prayer.

10. What does one Space Monkey do while the others are holding down the narrator on the bus?
(a) Sets his stop watch to time the act.
(b) Checks his watch to note what time the act takes place.
(c) Takes out a video camera to use as evidence later.
(d) Takes out a video camera to record the act.

11. What does Tyler tell the first young man who shows up on the Paper Street house porch?
(a) He is too young.
(b) He is too old.
(c) He is too fat.
(d) He is too weak.

12. What does the bartender tell the narrator he was asking about the previous week?
(a) How Project Mayhem was going in Seattle.
(b) If the bar basement could be used for Fight Club.
(c) If the Seattle police were shutting down Fight Club.
(d) If the bartender knew any other people who would want to join.

13. Why does Marla slap the narrator in the face when they meet after the Space Monkeys attempted to castrate him?
(a) She thinks he killed Bob.
(b) She is sick of his lies.
(c) She saw him with another woman.
(d) She saw him kill someone.

14. Who does Marla say she saw the narrator shoot?
(a) The mayor's envoy on recycling.
(b) The mayor's envoy on criminal activity.
(c) The mayor's envoy on homicide.
(d) The mayor's envoy on vandalism.

15. Who calls Tyler into his office to fire him from his job?
(a) The president of the film projectionists union.
(b) The catering manager.
(c) The hotel manager.
(d) The head chef.

Short Answer Questions

1. Why does the narrator go to a Fight Club meeting and register to fight a total of fifty men?

2. What does Raymond Hessel say he wanted to become?

3. The Narrator gets on a bus with twenty men who have shaved heads. What are the men holding in their hands?

4. How many days does the young man stand on the Paper Street house porch until Tyler lets him in?

5. What does the narrator discover when he arrives to work after going bowling with Marla?

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