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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Who calls Tyler into his office to fire him from his job?
(a) The head chef.
(b) The president of the film projectionists union.
(c) The catering manager.
(d) The hotel manager.

2. Who is waiting for the narrator in the parking lot with a Cadillac?
(a) The Fight Club secretary.
(b) Bob.
(c) The Fight Club mechanic.
(d) Tyler.

3. What is the objective of the different committees in Fight Club's project?
(a) To create different kinds of chaos in society.
(b) To teach all men how to fight.
(c) To create different kinds of serenity.
(d) To create ways to address society's problems.

4. What do Marla and the narrator decide to do to pass the time and keep him awake?
(a) Go to a bar.
(b) See a movie.
(c) Go bowling.
(d) Go to a concert.

5. What does Tyler tell the first young man who shows up on the Paper Street house porch?
(a) He is too fat.
(b) He is too old.
(c) He is too weak.
(d) He is too young.

6. Referring to the magazine articles about human organs, what of "Joe's" does the narrator claim to be after seeing his boss's email?
(a) Joe's never ending disgust.
(b) Joe's sarcastic wit.
(c) Joe's complete lack of surprise.
(d) Joe's abundant boredom.

7. What does the narrator ask that the bartender thinks is a test?
(a) The narrator asks if he knows Tyler Durden.
(b) The narrator asks who the bartender is.
(c) The narrator asks if he is a member of Fight Club.
(d) The narrator asks about Project Mayhem.

8. What is the second list the narrator's boss brings into his office after finding it in the copy machine?
(a) List of current members of Fight Club.
(b) List of people who will be killed.
(c) List of what to bring to the Paper Street house.
(d) List of targeted buildings for vandalism.

9. What happens when the narrator walks into the bar in Seattle?
(a) The bartender says, "Free beer, on the house, sir."
(b) The bartender says, "The meeting is taking place downstairs, sir."
(c) The bartender says, "No I.D. necessary, sir."
(d) The bartender says, "Welcome back, sir."

10. What does the narrator do while looking out the window of the building he woke up in after the bus full of Space Monkeys tried to castrate him?
(a) Watches the Space Monkeys below.
(b) Watches a building explode in the distance.
(c) Tells Tyler to show himself.
(d) Assesses his life.

11. Why does the narrator go to a Fight Club meeting and register to fight a total of fifty men?
(a) He wants to die.
(b) He wants to retaliate.
(c) He wants Marla to save him.
(d) He wants to prove fighting is not the answer.

12. What was Patrick doing for the mayor that caused him to be killed?
(a) Compiling a list of Fight Club members.
(b) Compiling a list of Space Monkeys.
(c) Compiling a list of Fight Club locations.
(d) Compiling a list of places Tyler has been.

13. What does the narrator ask the mechanic about him crashing the car?
(a) If he was going to turn himself in for attempted murder.
(b) If he wanted to die.
(c) If it was part of his homework assignment.
(d) If the Space Monkeys knew he would do that.

14. What does the bartender tell the narrator he was asking about the previous week?
(a) If the Seattle police were shutting down Fight Club.
(b) If the bar basement could be used for Fight Club.
(c) If the bartender knew any other people who would want to join.
(d) How Project Mayhem was going in Seattle.

15. Why does Marla slap the narrator in the face when they meet after the Space Monkeys attempted to castrate him?
(a) She thinks he killed Bob.
(b) She is sick of his lies.
(c) She saw him kill someone.
(d) She saw him with another woman.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do the Space Monkeys on the bus try to do to the narrator?

2. Where does Marla meet the narrator after the attempted castration, which is also where the two first met?

3. How do the men with beat-up faces respond to the narrator's questions?

4. How does the narrator know the members of Project Mayhem are keeping track of him?

5. What does the narrator do to distract himself while attempting to climb out one of the bus windows?

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