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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does Tyler want to do to the basement in the Paper Street house?
(a) Make it another living room.
(b) Rent it out to residents.
(c) Turn it into barracks.
(d) Make a full-scale soap factory.

2. Who calls Tyler into his office to fire him from his job?
(a) The head chef.
(b) The catering manager.
(c) The hotel manager.
(d) The president of the film projectionists union.

3. How did Tyler blackmail his boss after he fired him?
(a) Threatened to kill him.
(b) Told him he knew where his family lived.
(c) Said he would file a sexual assault case.
(d) Told him about the pornography in the films.

4. What do the Space Monkeys on the bus try to do to the narrator?
(a) Castrate him.
(b) Beat him up.
(c) Kill him.
(d) Throw him off the bus.

5. What does the narrator ask the mechanic about him crashing the car?
(a) If he wanted to die.
(b) If he was going to turn himself in for attempted murder.
(c) If the Space Monkeys knew he would do that.
(d) If it was part of his homework assignment.

6. How does the narrator convince Marla that he is not Tyler Durden?
(a) He tells her a story only the narrator would know.
(b) He shows her his credit card receipts.
(c) He shows her his license.
(d) He tells her he made Tyler up.

7. Where do the narrator and Marla hide out so that the narrator cannot fall asleep?
(a) The basement in the Paper Street house.
(b) His room in the Paper Street house.
(c) His work office.
(d) The Regent Hotel.

8. When the narrator comes back to the Paper Street house, what is he afraid of seeing in the refrigerator?
(a) Severed heads.
(b) Body parts and limbs.
(c) The results of Tyler's castration threats.
(d) More vats of fat.

9. What does the narrator's boss at the hotel say to the narrator when he comes into his office?
(a) He thinks the narrator needs to take some time off.
(b) He wants to promote the narrator for a job well done.
(c) He wants to get the narrator medical help.
(d) He knows about the disgusting things the narrator has done to the food.

10. How do the men with beat-up faces respond to the narrator's questions?
(a) They call him "sir" and give him a thumb's up.
(b) They call him "sir" and wink.
(c) They call him "sir" and give him the secret handshake.
(d) They call him "sir" and whisper "Fight Club."

11. What was Patrick doing for the mayor that caused him to be killed?
(a) Compiling a list of places Tyler has been.
(b) Compiling a list of Fight Club locations.
(c) Compiling a list of Fight Club members.
(d) Compiling a list of Space Monkeys.

12. Where did Tyler use the chill-and-drill technique before?
(a) A catering event.
(b) The police commissioner's home.
(c) The Paper Street house.
(d) The narrator's condominium.

13. What does the bartender show the narrator to confirm his answers to the narrator's questions?
(a) He tells the narrator the Fight Club rules.
(b) He shows the narrator a picture of him and the bartender.
(c) He shows the narrator his chemical kiss.
(d) He shows the narrator his Fight Club tattoo.

14. What does Raymond Hessel say he wanted to become?
(a) A dentist.
(b) A writer.
(c) A teacher.
(d) A veternarian.

15. Where does the narrator wake up on after passing out on the bus full of Space Monkeys?
(a) The Paper Street house basement.
(b) His exploded condominium.
(c) The Regent Hotel.
(d) His office building.

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the last rule of Project Mayhem that the three Space Monkeys in the Cadillac recite?

2. Why did the narrator give permission to Tyler to go ahead and kill his boss?

3. What stops the narrator from jumping out of the window and killing himself?

4. While traveling for business, what does the narrator ask the men he sees with beat-up faces?

5. How does the narrator answer the mechanic's question about what he wished he had done before he died?

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