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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When the narrator comes back to the Paper Street house, what is he afraid of seeing in the refrigerator?
(a) The results of Tyler's castration threats.
(b) Severed heads.
(c) More vats of fat.
(d) Body parts and limbs.

2. Following Tyler's admittance of the young man into the Paper Street house, where does the narrator finally fall asleep?
(a) On a bus.
(b) Marla's bed.
(c) His office desk.
(d) The Paper Street basement.

3. What is the goal of Fight Club's side project?
(a) To help society.
(b) To get more people involved.
(c) To annoy the police.
(d) To teach the men they can change history.

4. What does the narrator ask the mechanic about him crashing the car?
(a) If the Space Monkeys knew he would do that.
(b) If he was going to turn himself in for attempted murder.
(c) If he wanted to die.
(d) If it was part of his homework assignment.

5. What do the Space Monkeys on the bus try to do to the narrator?
(a) Throw him off the bus.
(b) Castrate him.
(c) Beat him up.
(d) Kill him.

6. What does the narrator's boss at the hotel say to the narrator when he comes into his office?
(a) He wants to promote the narrator for a job well done.
(b) He knows about the disgusting things the narrator has done to the food.
(c) He wants to get the narrator medical help.
(d) He thinks the narrator needs to take some time off.

7. How does the narrator know his boss is dead?
(a) Because his coworkers tell him.
(b) Because his body is being lifted into an ambulance.
(c) Because his wife is there, crying.
(d) Because Tyler knows.

8. Who calls Tyler into his office to fire him from his job?
(a) The president of the film projectionists union.
(b) The head chef.
(c) The hotel manager.
(d) The catering manager.

9. Where does the narrator wake up on after passing out on the bus full of Space Monkeys?
(a) The Paper Street house basement.
(b) His exploded condominium.
(c) His office building.
(d) The Regent Hotel.

10. What does the narrator tell Raymond Hessel to do, or else he will kill him?
(a) Go back to school.
(b) Join Project Mayhem.
(c) Empty the register.
(d) Make a human sacrifice.

11. When does Marla say she saw the narrator shoot a man?
(a) When she followed him to the bathroom.
(b) During the murder scene at a murder mystery party.
(c) When the lights went down during a film.
(d) During a raid of the hotel.

12. What does the narrator do while looking out the window of the building he woke up in after the bus full of Space Monkeys tried to castrate him?
(a) Assesses his life.
(b) Tells Tyler to show himself.
(c) Watches a building explode in the distance.
(d) Watches the Space Monkeys below.

13. What is the intended purpose of using liposuctioned fat found in medical waste dumps for soap production?
(a) To ruin the skin of people who received liposuction.
(b) To sell the soap back to people who paid money to get the fat taken out.
(c) To show society that soap can be made from their own fat.
(d) To make enough money to keep Project Mayhem afloat.

14. Where did Tyler use the chill-and-drill technique before?
(a) The police commissioner's home.
(b) The Paper Street house.
(c) A catering event.
(d) The narrator's condominium.

15. How did Tyler blackmail his boss after he fired him?
(a) Told him he knew where his family lived.
(b) Threatened to kill him.
(c) Told him about the pornography in the films.
(d) Said he would file a sexual assault case.

Short Answer Questions

1. The Narrator gets on a bus with twenty men who have shaved heads. What are the men holding in their hands?

2. Who is Raymond Hessel?

3. Why did the police shoot and kill Bob while he was on his chill-and-drill assignment?

4. Where do the narrator and Marla hide out so that the narrator cannot fall asleep?

5. What does the narrator take from Raymond Hessel?

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