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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator wonder about when he sees all the acts of vandalism in the news?
(a) If they are homework assignments by Tyler.
(b) What the consequences of the acts are.
(c) If the police have any leads.
(d) If there is another club like Fight Club.

2. What is the objective of the different committees in Fight Club's project?
(a) To create ways to address society's problems.
(b) To create different kinds of serenity.
(c) To teach all men how to fight.
(d) To create different kinds of chaos in society.

3. What does the mechanic ask the narrator following the car crash?
(a) If he had done a good job.
(b) If he really did want to die.
(c) If what the narrator said about his job was true.
(d) If he made Fight Club up accidentally.

4. What does the narrator plead to his boss while he beats himself up?
(a) To make him stop.
(b) To leave him alone.
(c) Not to hit him again.
(d) To go get help.

5. What is the chill-and-drill assignment Bob is on?
(a) Using fire extinguishers on people while robbing a bank.
(b) Using anesthesia on someone and then putting a drill to their head.
(c) Freezing a lock and shattering it.
(d) Being calm while questioning someone.

6. While traveling for business, what does the narrator ask the men he sees with beat-up faces?
(a) Why they joined Fight Club.
(b) If they have seen Tyler.
(c) Who they last fought.
(d) Which Fight Club chapter they are in.

7. What does the narrator discover when he arrives to work after going bowling with Marla?
(a) Members of Project Mayhem are waiting for him in the parking lot.
(b) His boss has fired him.
(c) The building has been blown up.
(d) Police barricades surrounding the building.

8. What is the goal of Fight Club's side project?
(a) To help society.
(b) To annoy the police.
(c) To teach the men they can change history.
(d) To get more people involved.

9. Who does Marla say she saw the narrator shoot?
(a) The mayor's envoy on criminal activity.
(b) The mayor's envoy on homicide.
(c) The mayor's envoy on recycling.
(d) The mayor's envoy on vandalism.

10. Where did Tyler use the chill-and-drill technique before?
(a) The Paper Street house.
(b) A catering event.
(c) The narrator's condominium.
(d) The police commissioner's home.

11. What do the security guards see when they enter the hotel manager's office?
(a) Only the hotel manager, because the narrator fled the scene.
(b) The hotel manager with his hands on the narrator.
(c) The Narrator lying on the floor alone.
(d) No one is there.

12. What does Raymond Hessel say he wanted to become?
(a) A veternarian.
(b) A writer.
(c) A teacher.
(d) A dentist.

13. Why does the narrator go to a Fight Club meeting and register to fight a total of fifty men?
(a) He wants Marla to save him.
(b) He wants to retaliate.
(c) He wants to prove fighting is not the answer.
(d) He wants to die.

14. What is the name that is given to Fight Club's side project?
(a) Project Mayhem.
(b) Project Chaos.
(c) Project Destroy.
(d) Project Mischief.

15. What does the narrator ask Marla about their relationship?
(a) If she loves Tyler more than him.
(b) Why she likes him at all.
(c) If they have slept together.
(d) How long they have been together.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator take from Raymond Hessel?

2. How did Tyler blackmail his boss after he fired him?

3. What is the second list the narrator's boss brings into his office after finding it in the copy machine?

4. What does the narrator threaten the hotel manager with?

5. What does the narrator ask the mechanic while he is driving the Cadillac?

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