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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What does the narrator tell Raymond Hessel to do, or else he will kill him?
(a) Make a human sacrifice.
(b) Empty the register.
(c) Join Project Mayhem.
(d) Go back to school.

2. In the Seattle hotel room, what does Tyler chastise the narrator for doing?
(a) Not helping out enough.
(b) Not knowing the truth.
(c) Not believing enough in Project Mayhem.
(d) Talking to people about him.

3. For what reason does The Narrator tell Marla her life is in danger?
(a) She has followed Tyler and seen what he has done.
(b) Her breast tumor has been metastasizing.
(c) Project Mayhem cannot have women involved.
(d) Project Mayhem hates women.

4. Where does Marla meet the narrator after the attempted castration, which is also where the two first met?
(a) Brain parasites night.
(b) Blood parasites night.
(c) Bowel cancer night.
(d) Melanoma night.

5. What is the last rule of Project Mayhem that the three Space Monkeys in the Cadillac recite?
(a) You don't give up.
(b) You always fight for what you want.
(c) You always do as Tyler says.
(d) You don't ask questions.

6. What does the narrator smell on his hands after Tyler calls him and says the guys are in the parking lot?
(a) Gasoline.
(b) Smoke.
(c) Soap.
(d) Cologne.

7. What does one Space Monkey do while the others are holding down the narrator on the bus?
(a) Takes out a video camera to record the act.
(b) Sets his stop watch to time the act.
(c) Checks his watch to note what time the act takes place.
(d) Takes out a video camera to use as evidence later.

8. What does the narrator ask Marla about on the phone after talking to the bartender?
(a) If she knows who Tyler is.
(b) Where she is and with whom.
(c) How things are at the Paper Street house.
(d) If she is feeling OK.

9. What is the mechanic supposed to do the evening he was in the Cadillac with the narrator and the three Space Monkeys?
(a) Pick a fight and tell the truth.
(b) Make four human sacrifices and pick a fight.
(c) Make four human sacrifices and pick up some fat.
(d) Pick up some fat and pick a fight.

10. What does Tyler want to do to the basement in the Paper Street house?
(a) Rent it out to residents.
(b) Make a full-scale soap factory.
(c) Make it another living room.
(d) Turn it into barracks.

11. What does the narrator threaten the hotel manager with?
(a) His life.
(b) Exposing the hotel's corrupt practices.
(c) His cohorts from Fight Club.
(d) Going to the newspapers with a heart-felt confession.

12. How do the men with beat-up faces respond to the narrator's questions?
(a) They call him "sir" and give him the secret handshake.
(b) They call him "sir" and whisper "Fight Club."
(c) They call him "sir" and give him a thumb's up.
(d) They call him "sir" and wink.

13. How many days does the young man stand on the Paper Street house porch until Tyler lets him in?
(a) Three days.
(b) Two days.
(c) One day.
(d) Four days.

14. What is the goal of Fight Club's side project?
(a) To teach the men they can change history.
(b) To help society.
(c) To get more people involved.
(d) To annoy the police.

15. What happens when the narrator walks into the bar in Seattle?
(a) The bartender says, "Welcome back, sir."
(b) The bartender says, "Free beer, on the house, sir."
(c) The bartender says, "No I.D. necessary, sir."
(d) The bartender says, "The meeting is taking place downstairs, sir."

Short Answer Questions

1. What is the intended purpose of using liposuctioned fat found in medical waste dumps for soap production?

2. What does the narrator ask the mechanic while he is driving the Cadillac?

3. What do Marla and the narrator decide to do to pass the time and keep him awake?

4. Where did Tyler use the chill-and-drill technique before?

5. Where do the narrator and Marla hide out so that the narrator cannot fall asleep?

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