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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What brand is the narrator's furniture that is out in the street?
(a) IKEA.
(b) Bed, Bath & Beyond.
(c) Thrift store.
(d) Crate & Barrel.

2. What does the narrator dream about after calling Marla to ask if she was going to the support group meeting?
(a) Moving out of the Paper Street house.
(b) Having sex with Marla.
(c) Killing Marla.
(d) Going to Fight Club.

3. What does Tyler remind the narrator of while his hand is burning?
(a) No one can help the narrator but himself.
(b) No one cares about the narrator.
(c) The narrator can transcend death if he wants to.
(d) Someday the narrator will die.

4. What does Tyler sell that he makes using homemade ingredients?
(a) Shampoo.
(b) Makeup.
(c) Paper.
(d) Soap.

5. When the narrator arrives at the meeting, Bob is there. What does Bob tell him?
(a) Everyone died.
(b) They are in the wrong room.
(c) The group moved to a different location.
(d) The group was disbanded.

6. What does Tyler give the narrator after they meet?
(a) A high five.
(b) His address.
(c) His business card.
(d) His phone number.

7. What does Tyler tell the narrator he should do while he is being questioned on the phone?
(a) Not tell the person his name.
(b) Stay true to Fight Club and not say a word.
(c) Become truly free from consumer culture.
(d) Remember that we are all dying.

8. What are the people on the floors below Tyler and the narrator doing?
(a) Stealing office furniture.
(b) Throwing office furniture out of the window.
(c) Checking the floors.
(d) Cleaning the offices.

9. What is the first rule of Fight Club?
(a) To pay a Fight Club membership fee.
(b) To not bring new members to Fight Club.
(c) New members must fight their first time at Fight Club.
(d) To not talk about Fight Club.

10. What is in the narrator's mouth when the book opens?
(a) Chewing gum.
(b) Blood.
(c) Nothing.
(d) A gun.

11. What did Marla tell the narrator was her reason for not wanting to go to the support group meeting?
(a) She was going to commit suicide.
(b) She felt ill and wanted to stay in.
(c) She had company coming over.
(d) She was not interested in the meetings any more.

12. Who are on the floors below Tyler and the narrator in the opening scene of the book?
(a) Burglars.
(b) The Members of the Mischief Committee.
(c) The cleaning people.
(d) The security guards.

13. When the narrator recalls calling Marla to ask if she was going to a meeting, which support group was he asking about?
(a) Blood parasites.
(b) Brain parasites.
(c) Melanoma.
(d) Cancer.

14. How does the narrator realize it is Tuesday while his boss reads from the paper he found in the copy machine?
(a) His boss read the date from the piece of paper.
(b) His boss only comes in on Tuesdays.
(c) His boss is wearing his gray tie.
(d) His boss is holding his Number One Boss mug.

15. What does Tyler do to the narrator's hand?
(a) Shakes it.
(b) Kisses it.
(c) Sears a chemical burn onto it.
(d) Cuts it with a knife.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator do to cheer Marla up about the lump he found on her breast?

2. What does the narrator participate in at the brain parasites meeting?

3. What does the narrator infer when he sees what is in the toilet at the Paper Street house?

4. Who thwarts the narrator's attempts to find relief at the support groups?

5. What did Marla decide about cancer after finding her first lump?

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