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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What do the police suspect caused the damage to the narrator's apartment?
(a) Neither of these.
(b) Both of these.
(c) Foul play.
(d) A gas leak.

2. The narrator tells his boss to be careful who he shows the piece of paper to. What reason does he give for this?
(a) Because he will not be able to join Fight Club then.
(b) Because it is not his property.
(c) Because there is a psycho in the office.
(d) Because he will press charges.

3. After the narrator calls Tyler for the first time, what do the two of them decide to do?
(a) Grab a couple beers.
(b) Go out to dinner.
(c) Go to a movie.
(d) Go back to Tyler's place.

4. Why does the narrator's boss not allow him to do what he was planning to do?
(a) Because the boss wants to do the job himself.
(b) Because the narrator has a bad attitude.
(c) Because the narrator's face is bloodied and stitched up.
(d) Because the narrator does not look visibly ill.

5. What did Tyler do to the hostess the first time he sabotaged a dinner party?
(a) Spat in her food.
(b) Exposed himself.
(c) Burned the food.
(d) Peed into a bottle of her perfume.

6. What are the articles about that the narrator reads to distract himself?
(a) Human organs talking in the first person.
(b) Animal organs.
(c) Medical problems.
(d) Human organs talking to other human organs.

7. What does the narrator take delight in calling himself and Tyler at the banquet?
(a) Gang leaders.
(b) Hardened criminals.
(c) Guerilla terrorists.
(d) Thugs.

8. How does the narrator discover that the first two rules of Fight Club are being broken?
(a) He sees a lot of men with broken faces.
(b) He learns how popular it has become.
(c) He sees messages written on bathroom stalls about Fight Club.
(d) He sees flyers up for Fight Club.

9. What brand is the narrator's furniture that is out in the street?
(a) IKEA.
(b) Bed, Bath & Beyond.
(c) Crate & Barrel.
(d) Thrift store.

10. What was Tyler's job when he first did something like sabotaging a dinner party?
(a) Prep cook.
(b) Despoiler.
(c) Caterer.
(d) Usher.

11. What does Marla think she has when she urgently asks the narrator to come to the Regent Hotel?
(a) Melanoma.
(b) Breast cancer.
(c) Brain parasites.
(d) Lung cancer.

12. How did Tyler alert the hostess about what he did to her bottle of perfume?
(a) Showed her pictures of the act.
(b) Left her clues.
(c) Drew her a picture.
(d) Wrote her an anonymous note.

13. What does Tyler give the narrator after they meet?
(a) His business card.
(b) His phone number.
(c) A high five.
(d) His address.

14. What does Bob tell the narrator about Tyler?
(a) He was just there a minute ago.
(b) No one has ever seen him.
(c) He has never lost a fight.
(d) He has gone into hiding.

15. When the narrator arrives at the meeting, Bob is there. What does Bob tell him?
(a) They are in the wrong room.
(b) The group was disbanded.
(c) The group moved to a different location.
(d) Everyone died.

Short Answer Questions

1. What does the narrator find in the toilet at the Paper Street house?

2. Who did Marla say she thought the people calling her and not saying anything were?

3. What does the narrator notice about Marla while he is at the Regent Hotel with her?

4. What does the person who calls the Paper Street house and questions the narrator tell him?

5. What is Tyler doing when the narrator first sees him?

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