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This quiz consists of 5 multiple choice and 5 short answer questions through Chapter 29 and 30.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the mechanic supposed to do the evening he was in the Cadillac with the narrator and the three Space Monkeys?
(a) Pick a fight and tell the truth.
(b) Make four human sacrifices and pick up some fat.
(c) Make four human sacrifices and pick a fight.
(d) Pick up some fat and pick a fight.

2. How does the narrator finally meet Marla Singer?
(a) In a group poetry session.
(b) After the meeting.
(c) In a therapeutic physical contact session.
(d) In a group prayer.

3. How does the narrator realize it is Tuesday while his boss reads from the paper he found in the copy machine?
(a) His boss read the date from the piece of paper.
(b) His boss only comes in on Tuesdays.
(c) His boss is holding his Number One Boss mug.
(d) His boss is wearing his gray tie.

4. How did Tyler alert the hostess about what he did to her bottle of perfume?
(a) Showed her pictures of the act.
(b) Drew her a picture.
(c) Left her clues.
(d) Wrote her an anonymous note.

5. What did the telegram that Tyler sent Marla's mother say?
(a) "Hideously wrinkled, please help!"
(b) "Broke and hungry, please help!"
(c) "Cannot live like this, please help!"
(d) "Depressed and lonely, please help!"

Short Answer Questions

1. What does Bob tell the narrator about Tyler?

2. What does the narrator dream about after calling Marla to ask if she was going to the support group meeting?

3. When the narrator recalls calling Marla to ask if she was going to a meeting, which support group was he asking about?

4. What is Marla doing in the narrator's mind during the support meeting?

5. What does the narrator do when the expected explosion does not take place?

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