Objects & Places from Fight Club

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Parker-Morris Building - The location of both the beginning and end of the novel.

The Paper Street house - The dilapidated home of Tyler and the narrator that contains stacks of magazines in every room.

The Support Groups - The meetings frequented by the narrator and Marla.

The Regent Hotel, Room 8G - The sleazy building Marla resides in.

The Medical Waste Dump - The place where the narrator obtains liposuctioned fat for soap.

Tyler's Chemical Burn - The scar seared into the back of people's hands by use of lye.

Airports - The places the narrator shuffles back and forth from that represent single-serving life.

Castration - The action that society has inflicted on its men and the action that Fight Club utilizes as a scare tactic.

Liposuctioned Fat - This is used to make soap.

Homework Assignments - The different objectives of Fight Club members...

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