Objects & Places from Fight Club

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Parker-Morris Building

The location of both the beginning and end of the novel.

The Paper Street house

The dilapidated home of Tyler and the narrator that contains stacks of magazines in every room.

The Support Groups

The meetings frequented by the narrator and Marla.

The Regent Hotel, Room 8G

The sleazy building Marla resides in.

The Medical Waste Dump

The place where the narrator obtains liposuctioned fat for soap.

Tyler's Chemical Burn

The scar seared into the back of people's hands by use of lye.


The places the narrator shuffles back and forth from that represent single-serving life.


The action that society has inflicted on its men and the action that Fight Club utilizes as a scare tactic.

Liposuctioned Fat

This is used to make soap.

Homework Assignments

The different objectives of Fight Club members to achieve outside of Fight Club.

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