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Chapter 1 and 2

• The book opens with Tyler shoving a gun into the narrator's mouth, while members of the Mischief committee dismantle offices below in the Park-Morris building.

• The narrator recites different ways to make explosives, while Tyler recounts how they will be famous and a part of history.

• The narrator thinks about how anarchy, guns and explosions are like the twisted triangle of Marla, Tyler, and himself.
• The narrator flashes back to the beginning at the testicular cancer meeting, Remaining Men Together, where he met the emasculated Bob.

• The narrator finds relief from his insomnia by attending these meetings and crying.

• Marla also attends these support group meetings, thwarting the narrator's attempt to cry because she is a fake and reminds him that he is a fake as well.

Chapter 3 and 4

• As a recall campaign coordinator, the narrator travels a lot and contemplates the "single-serving" life he and...

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