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Short Answer Questions

1. When speaking to Padre Blazon, who does Dunstan refer to as his devil?

2. Boy's second wife believes she can get him appointed to what position?

3. On the Opera stages of Europe, what kind of voice usually plays the odd man out?

4. Liesl suggests that Eisengrim set up an automatic payment at the bank to do what?

5. Since the former Headmaster died, what has Dunstan been doing?

Short Essay Questions

1. What is Boy Staunton's association with the Crown Prince?

2. Why does Dunstan enjoy writing the autobiography of Magnus Eisengrim?

3. Why is Leola a failure as a wife in Boy's eyes?

4. What does Boy do when he is appointed Minister of Food in the Cabinet?

5. What is unique about the magic show that Dunstan goes to see in Mexico?

6. What are the two things that Dunstan gets the Board to agree to instead of naming him Headmaster?

7. What does Dunstan think is suspicious about the way Leola died?

8. Why does Mary Dempster meet Dunstan when he visits her with her coat and jacket on?

9. Why does Dunstan feel that Boy is using him in his entourage?

10. How is Boy's second wife described in the book?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

If you had to pick one theme that is present throughout the book, what theme would that be? Support your reasoning with examples from the book.

Essay Topic 2

In Chapter 1, Percy Staunton is referred to as the narrator's "lifelong friend and enemy." Using examples from the book, which would you say Percy was to the narrator - a friend or an enemy?

Essay Topic 3

The book covers the transition of three characters from boys to men: Paul Dempster, Percy Staunton, and Dunstan. Pick one of the characters and, using examples from the book, explain how he grew from a boy to a man and what events/people influenced him along the way.

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