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Short Answer Questions

1. Liesl is a student of what?

2. When Dunstan does not get the job as the new Headmaster, he insists on a paid leave of absence to go where?

3. How does Orpheus Wettenhall die?

4. Who does Dunstan believe Eisengrim is in love with?

5. Boy Staunton left on a walk during the Christmas season of 1936. When was he found?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Dunstan not want to write Boy's memoir when Denyse asks him to?

2. When it becomes evident to Dunstan that Paul does not want him back stage, what does he do?

3. What is Padre Blazon's personal theory about what will happen when Jesus returns?

4. What does Boy do when he is appointed Minister of Food in the Cabinet?

5. What memory has Boy suppressed from their childhood that shocks Dunstan when he learns Boy doesn't remember it?

6. When Dunstan is in the shrine of the Virgin of Guadalupe, what is he pondering?

7. Why is Dunstan deemed unacceptable to be Headmaster at the school by the Board?

8. Why does Padre Blazon, after hearing about Mary Dempster's life and death from Dunstan, believe she is a hero in God's cause?

9. How is Boy's second wife described in the book?

10. Why is Leola a failure as a wife in Boy's eyes?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

Using examples from the book, what misperceptions did the villagers of Deptford have about Mrs. Dempster that caused them to label her a fool? What ideas and actions did the villagers value that Mrs. Dempster appeared not to value? Why did Mrs. Dempster hold different values?

Essay Topic 2

Foreshadowing is the use of prior events in storytelling to give an indication of future events in the story. Using examples from the book, explain how is foreshadowing used in this book.

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the book, Fate is discussed as a character. Please pick one of the following characters and use examples from the book to describe how Fate works with, or on, that character.

1. Dunstan

2. Paul

3. Percy/Boy

4. Leona

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