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Short Answer Questions

1. Dunstan loses his ability to visit Mary Dempster because he told her what?

2. Liesl is a student of what?

3. On the Opera stages of Europe, what kind of voice usually plays the odd man out?

4. What holiday does Boy Staunton's son hate?

5. Padre Blazon refers to Mary Dempster as what?

Short Essay Questions

1. After Dunstan moves Mrs. Dempster to a private hospital, what is the major error he commits?

2. Why does Dunstan feel that Boy is using him in his entourage?

3. How is Boy's second wife described in the book?

4. What is Padre Blazon's personal theory about what will happen when Jesus returns?

5. What is Boy Staunton's association with the Crown Prince?

6. What does Dunstan think is suspicious about the way Leola died?

7. Why is Dunstan deemed unacceptable to be Headmaster at the school by the Board?

8. What are the two things that Dunstan gets the Board to agree to instead of naming him Headmaster?

9. Why is Leola a failure as a wife in Boy's eyes?

10. Why does Mary Dempster meet Dunstan when he visits her with her coat and jacket on?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The title of the book is "Fifth Business." What do you think this title is meant to describe? Where in the book is the title mentioned, and why would it be mentioned there? Please support your answer with examples and ideas from the book.

Essay Topic 2

Using examples from the book, how has Dunstan's personality and character changed throughout the story? When he was a child, how did he deal with his problems? How does he deal with them as an adult? What was important to him as a child, and what is important to him now? Why did Dunstan's character change?

Essay Topic 3

Throughout the book, Fate is discussed as a character. Please pick one of the following characters and use examples from the book to describe how Fate works with, or on, that character.

1. Dunstan

2. Paul

3. Percy/Boy

4. Leona

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