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Short Answer Questions

1. How old was the narrator on December 27, 1908?

2. What did Paul Dempster do when he was 10 years old?

3. Who is Percy caught in a sexual act with?

4. Who introduces Dunstan to the concept of a "fool-saint?"

5. In what country is Dunstable stationed at the Front?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why does Diana give Dunstable the name Dunstan?

2. What words from Mrs. Dempster come back to Dunstable when he is lying wounded in the church?

3. Why does Boy choose the Prince of Wales as his role model?

4. Why is Dunstan deemed unacceptable to be Headmaster at the school by the Board?

5. When Dunstan tries to remind Boy about the things he has done in his life, including the stone-in-the-snowball incident, Boy responds unpleasantly and accuses Dunstan of what?

6. Why do the Dempster's always take their stroll around town during the dinner hour?

7. How did Dunstan gain his nest egg?

8. Why does Padre Blazon, after hearing about Mary Dempster's life and death from Dunstan, believe she is a hero in God's cause?

9. What are Paul's hopes for the show after Mexico?

10. What does Dunstable do when he finds the German snipers?

Essay Topics

Essay Topic 1

Using the descriptions of saints that are provided in the book, which saint most resembles Dunstan and why?

Essay Topic 2

Dunstan kept the stone that was in the snowball Percy threw when they were boys. Why did Dunstan keep the stone? Please discuss the themes of consciousness, remembrance, and learning from the past in relation to the loaded snowball event.

Essay Topic 3

Using examples from the book, how has Dunstan's personality and character changed throughout the story? When he was a child, how did he deal with his problems? How does he deal with them as an adult? What was important to him as a child, and what is important to him now? Why did Dunstan's character change?

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