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Short Answer Questions

1. What church do Percy and Leola join that estranges Leola from her parents?

2. The "fool-saint" comes from which religious tradition?

3. Who gives Dunny the name Dunstan?

4. During his college years, Percy Staunton renamed himself what?

5. What is the name for someone who is a know it all?

Short Essay Questions

1. Boy gives stock tips to Dunstan that help him increase his wealth, but also cause Dunstan to feel what emotions towards Boy?

2. How did Dunstan gain his nest egg?

3. Why does the narrator recall the date the story begins so clearly?

4. Why does Dunstan feel he can never love Diana?

5. What hampers Dunny from learning magic tricks?

6. Why do the villagers judge Mrs. Dempster as lacking?

7. What steps does Leola take in order to be the wife that Boy wants her to be?

8. What words from Mrs. Dempster come back to Dunstable when he is lying wounded in the church?

9. What does Dunstable do when he finds the German snipers?

10. What traits does Dunstable observe in the members of his units that are attributed to German officers?

Essay Topics

Write an essay for ONE of the following topics:

Essay Topic 1

The book covers the transition of three characters from boys to men: Paul Dempster, Percy Staunton, and Dunstan. Pick one of the characters and, using examples from the book, explain how he grew from a boy to a man and what events/people influenced him along the way.

Essay Topic 2

Using examples from the book, what misperceptions did the villagers of Deptford have about Mrs. Dempster that caused them to label her a fool? What ideas and actions did the villagers value that Mrs. Dempster appeared not to value? Why did Mrs. Dempster hold different values?

Essay Topic 3

If you had to pick one theme that is present throughout the book, what theme would that be? Support your reasoning with examples from the book.

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