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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Boy was at Eisengrim's show, what was he carrying in his pocket?
(a) A letter from his mistress.
(b) His wallet with a lot of money in it.
(c) The letter appointing him to be Lieutenant-Governor.
(d) A letter from his son.

2. What does Dunstan find in a local cathedral in Salzburg?
(a) The statue of the Madonna that looked like his mother.
(b) The statue of the Madonna that he saw the night he was injured.
(c) The statue that saved the lives of his men during the war.
(d) The statue of a long lost saint he wants to write about..

3. On what day does Padre Blazon say that Dunstan should honor Mary Dempster in his prayers?
(a) All Saint's Day.
(b) Martyr's Day.
(c) All Soul's Day.
(d) Mother's Day.

4. Liesl was raised in what religion?
(a) Protestant.
(b) Anglican.
(c) Catholic.
(d) Calvinist.

5. When Paul thanks Dunstan for the temporary loan, what is he referring to?
(a) The money in Dunstan's wallet when he took it in Europe.
(b) The money Paul got when his mother died.
(c) The money Dunstan sent him when he ran away.
(d) The money Dunstan gave him while they were in Europe.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dunstan's habit is to visit Mary Dempster and her aunt when?

2. What does Boy rely on Dunstan for at parties?

3. What book does Dunstan agree to write for Liesl?

4. Boy takes a lot of heat for what characteristic?

5. Boy dies a few days before he was to be appointed to what post?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why is Leola a failure as a wife in Boy's eyes?

2. What is unique about the magic show that Dunstan goes to see in Mexico?

3. Why is Denyse's plan of getting Boy appointed Lieutenant-Governor described as a complicated plan?

4. Why does Dunstan not want to write Boy's memoir when Denyse asks him to?

5. What happens to the young men that Boy takes under his wing in his company as prodigies?

6. What is Padre Blazon's personal theory about what will happen when Jesus returns?

7. Why does Padre Blazon suggest that Dunstan put aside his guilt over Mary Dempster?

8. What memory has Boy suppressed from their childhood that shocks Dunstan when he learns Boy doesn't remember it?

9. Why does Padre Blazon, after hearing about Mary Dempster's life and death from Dunstan, believe she is a hero in God's cause?

10. What causes Boy to take a walk by himself during the Christmas season of 1936?

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