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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. What is the name of the lady who took Mary Dempster away from Deptford?
(a) Miss Beth Sharky.
(b) Miss Bertha Shanklin.
(c) Miss Belinda Shales.
(d) Miss Becky Shavels.

2. What news did Dunny's parents receive before they died?
(a) That Dunny had won a prestigious award.
(b) That Dunny was alive.
(c) That Dunny was in the hospital and sick.
(d) That Dunny was dead.

3. What is the name for someone who is a know it all?
(a) Polymath.
(b) Polymorphous.
(c) Polynoun.
(d) Polymouth.

4. What is revealed in Europe as Dunstan's life long interest?
(a) The study of paintings in historical churches.
(b) The study of Catholic churches.
(c) The study of saints and statues found in historical churches.
(d) The study of saints of the Catholic church.

5. Joel Surgeoner is the head of what?
(a) Lifeline Mission in Durston.
(b) Lifeline Mission in Montreal.
(c) Lifeline Mission in Quebec.
(d) Lifeline Mission in Toronto.

Short Answer Questions

1. What do Leola and Percy name their second child?

2. Dunstan recognizes Joel Surgeoner as the tramp/vagrant who did what?

3. What does Dunstan do when he visits his parents' now empty house?

4. How many years does Dunstan spend in college?

5. How old was the narrator on December 27, 1908?

Short Essay Questions

1. What hampers Dunny from learning magic tricks?

2. Why does Diana give Dunstable the name Dunstan?

3. Boy gives stock tips to Dunstan that help him increase his wealth, but also cause Dunstan to feel what emotions towards Boy?

4. What is Boy's logic in thinking that he is not cheating on his fiancee, as told to Dunstan?

5. Why do the villagers decide that Mrs. Dempster is "simple?"

6. Why does Dunstan kiss Leola during the celebration of war heroes in the village?

7. Why do the Dempster's always take their stroll around town during the dinner hour?

8. Why was Dunstable relieved to hear the news of his mother's death?

9. What does Dunstan, the narrator, tell the Headmaster of the school that he recently retired from, is the point of this book?

10. Why does Dunstan become a teacher?

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