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This test consists of 5 multiple choice questions, 5 short answer questions, and 10 short essay questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Why is Paul not accepted by the village as a child?
(a) He is simple.
(b) His mother has a reputation for being simple.
(c) His mother keeps him isolated.
(d) He lives in a house with his mother.

2. What happened to Dunstan's family's house and newspaper business after he left for school?
(a) He sold them at auction.
(b) He had them torn down.
(c) The house was sold, and the newspaper went out of business.
(d) They were destroyed.

3. What does the Catholic priest say to Dunstan's comment that Mrs. Dempster is a saint?
(a) He laughs.
(b) He smiles.
(c) He agrees.
(d) He asks for proof.

4. Why does Amasa Dempster refuse to prosecute the man Mrs. Dempster was found with?
(a) Because he does not want to bring more humiliation on Mrs. Dempster.
(b) Because Mrs. Dempster doesn't want him to.
(c) Because Mrs. Dempster was a willing participant.
(d) Because he is afraid of the shame.

5. During his college years, Percy Staunton renamed himself what?
(a) Boy Staunton.
(b) Percy Boyd Staunton.
(c) Boyd Staunton.
(d) Man Staunton.

Short Answer Questions

1. Dunstable's actions in battle won him what award?

2. What is Leola wearing when she is standing next to Percy at Dunstan's celebration?

3. In an effort to find shelter during a night raid, what does Dunstable run into that saves his men from enemy fire?

4. What did Paul Dempster do when he was 10 years old?

5. Which character was born prematurely?

Short Essay Questions

1. Why was Dunstable relieved to hear the news of his mother's death?

2. Why does Diana give Dunstable the name Dunstan?

3. What does Dunstan, the narrator, tell the Headmaster of the school that he recently retired from, is the point of this book?

4. Why do the villagers decide that Mrs. Dempster is "simple?"

5. How did Dunstan gain his nest egg?

6. Why does Dunny develop the habit of keeping secrets?

7. Why do the Dempster's always take their stroll around town during the dinner hour?

8. Why does Dunstan want to teach boys?

9. Although Dunstan's family is not rich, why do they hold a position of privilege in the town?

10. Why does Dunstable carry around a Bible when he is a soldier?

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