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This test consists of 15 multiple choice questions and 5 short answer questions.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. When Boy was at Eisengrim's show, what was he carrying in his pocket?
(a) A letter from his mistress.
(b) A letter from his son.
(c) The letter appointing him to be Lieutenant-Governor.
(d) His wallet with a lot of money in it.

2. Boy makes a fortune during what time period because he specializes in providing bulky, comforting and cheap food?
(a) The 1940's.
(b) World War II.
(c) The 1910's.
(d) The Depression.

3. Who does Dunstan believe Eisengrim is in love with?
(a) His dead mother.
(b) Liesl.
(c) Faustina.
(d) Himself.

4. Boy Staunton left on a walk during the Christmas season of 1936. When was he found?
(a) He was never found.
(b) After the New Year.
(c) The next day.
(d) After Christmas.

5. What woman does Dunstan fall in love with when he is in Latin America?
(a) Liesl.
(b) Katarina.
(c) Faustina.
(d) No one.

6. What is the relationship between Faustina and Eisengrim?
(a) She is his wife.
(b) She is his employee.
(c) She is his mistress.
(d) She is his cousin.

7. How does Orpheus Wettenhall die?
(a) He gets murdered.
(b) He doesn't die.
(c) He gets run over by a car.
(d) He commits suicide.

8. Dunstan's priest friend from Europe sends what to Dunstan, asking if he has found the importance of Mary Dempster in his life?
(a) Postcards.
(b) Emails.
(c) Telegraphs.
(d) Letters.

9. What is on the roll of film Boy gives to Dunston to develop?
(a) Dirty pictures of women other than Leola.
(b) Pictures of him cheating on Leola.
(c) Sexy pictures of Leola.
(d) Pictures of him with Leola.

10. Boy dies a few days before he was to be appointed to what post?
(a) Cabinet Minister of Food Production and Distribution.
(b) Lieutenant-Governor of Ontario.
(c) Aide de Camp to the Crown Prince.
(d) Lieutenant-Governor of Quebec.

11. On the Opera stages of Europe, what kind of voice usually plays the odd man out?
(a) Baritone.
(b) Any voice will work.
(c) Basso.
(d) Tenor.

12. When Leola is found in the bathtub, who is her note addressed to?
(a) Dunstan.
(b) Her children.
(c) God.
(d) Boy.

13. Boy takes a lot of heat for what characteristic?
(a) Being a rich capitalist.
(b) Being promiscuous.
(c) Being neglectful to his wife.
(d) Being obsessed with the Prince.

14. Dunstan and his priest friend travel by train to what European city?
(a) Antwerp.
(b) Vienna.
(c) Venice.
(d) Paris.

15. Since the former Headmaster died, what has Dunstan been doing?
(a) Serving as the head teacher to help the interim Headmaster.
(b) Serving as the head of the search for a new Headmaster.
(c) Serving as temporary Headmaster.
(d) Serving as the head of the history department.

Short Answer Questions

1. What health problem led to Mary Dempster's death?

2. Who tells David of his mother's death?

3. The papers reported Boy Staunton was found in his car in the bottom of what harbor?

4. Padre Blazon refers to Mary Dempster as what?

5. What position is Boy appointed to in the Cabinet?

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